Monday, January 23, 2017

San Francisco – Yahoo!: the sale of the core business to Verizon postponed to the 2nd quarter – The Express

In a news release announcing Monday its annual results, Yahoo! does not detail the nature of this work, merely to ensure that he “working diligently to close the transaction as early as possible in the second quarter of“.

Verizon announced last summer its intention to redeem by the end of march the activities of online advertising Yahoo! and its internet sites such as Yahoo Mail or Yahoo News, to $ 4.8 billion.

But observers are speculating for several months on a renegotiation of the terms of the transaction, or even a renunciation, pure and simple, from Verizon, after the revelation of several massive cyber-attacks against the group on the internet.

In September, Yahoo! had announced that 500 million of its user accounts had been compromised during a cyber-attack dating back to 2014. And in December, he admitted that another cyber-attack, 2013 this time, it had struck more than a billion of its users.

at the End of October, after the first revelation of piracy, Verizon stated that he was always ready to carry out the transaction, but not “blindly“. After the second in December, he had indicated that he would “to assess the impact of this new episode before coming to final conclusions“. The management of the telecom operator might tell you a little bit more during the presentation of his own results, expected Tuesday.

In the meantime, the boss of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, strove on Monday to convince Verizon of the merits of its acquisition.

She has insisted, for the second consecutive quarter, on the “fidelity ‘ of the users of services of Yahoo! in spite of cyber-attacks, and claimed to see in the results released on Monday by the group evidence that “the opportunities in front of us with Verizon have the air bright“.

On the whole of 2016, Yahoo! has certainly been a further net loss (-214 million), but net shrinkage compared to that of $ 4.4 billion recorded in 2015, and Ms. Mayer ensures that the group works with its costs, “the lowest in a decade“.

in The fourth quarter of 2016, Yahoo! even managed to get back in the green with a net profit of 162 million, and earnings per share excluding exceptional items, the reference to Wall Street, has risen to 25 cents or 4 cents better than the average forecast of analysts.


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