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China : the five risks that threaten its growth – The World

The world’s second largest economy grew 6.7% in 2016, his pace is the lowest since 1990. Its economic model seems less and less tenable in the eyes of the experts.

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Stack in the target ! In 2016, China has seen its gross domestic product (GDP) to grow 6.7 %, according to official figures published on Friday 20 January. And can as well boast to strictly adhere to its goal of an annual growth located between 6.5 % and 7 %.

This rate is the lowest since 1990. But the prophets of doom who predicted, in early 2016, a hard landing of the world’s second largest economy, have been wrong. The bursting dreaded of the chinese bubble has not occurred. After diving, the Shanghai stock Exchange has recovered. Manufacturing output has accelerated. And, sustained by an increase in public expenditure, the economy has indeed stabilized.

However, the giant asian continues to be a concern. Its growth model funded by the hyper-debt seems less and less tenable in the eyes of the experts. The risks accumulate, exacerbated by an external environment is unstable, whereas the new us president, Donald Trump has vowed to fight with Beijing on a commercial level.

A shock Trump on exports

The clothes of champion of globalization that has taken the chinese president, Xi Jinping, at the Davos Forum, Switzerland, Tuesday, have deceived person : Beijing has much to lose from a trade war with the United States of Donald Trump. Flanked by advisers openly hostile to China, the new resident of the White House – which was due to take office on Friday – has brandished the threat of retaliation customs against chinese products.

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