Tuesday, January 24, 2017

“Yes, but” young people to the creation of company – The Express

entrepreneurship is gradually becoming a professional course proposed by young and active people who do are moving away from to the extent not wage-earning. The results are nuanced study* conducted by OpinionWay for the Union of auto-entrepreneurs and the fondation Le Roch Musketeers at the next Salon des entrepreneurs, which will take place in Paris on 1st and 2nd February next, lift the veil on this paradox.

the question “Would you like to create a business, pick one or put you to your account?”, 44% of the 1 006 respondents answered “Probably”. They are the same 16% replied “Certainly”. In total, therefore 60% of the respondents say that it is rather favourable to the entrepreneurial project.

One desire of creation, but also of security

The study does not say precisely whether this desire will materialize one day or if it will remain at the draft stage in the minds of these young people, but, in any case, the figure speaks to and reflects a changing perception in respect of the creation of the business. 26% of the respondents to ensure that they “are considering” taking the plunge in two years.

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But the young have not waived the COMMISSION, far from it. Of course, 20% of them claim to be “less attracted” by a contract of indefinite duration, but they are total of 73% consider that the indefinite contract is a “major objective” to achieve.

Even if they believe largely (81%) that getting such an agreement “is difficult,” these young people seem attached to the security of employment provided by wage-labor. 70% of them consider that this regularity of income is facilitating the everyday life in particular for the rental of a dwelling, or obtaining a bank loan.” They are also 49% to acknowledge the right to, and RTT and paid vacation, as well as a good social coverage.

“More equity of social rights between self-employed and employed”

The social security cover is indeed a real concern in at least 30 years, since 83% of them want “equal social rights between self-employed and employed”. They felt that this measure would be important to “encourage the development of young people at work.” They are 85% to request an adaptation of the new ways of working such as telework, and 81% want to “increased ease of becoming self-employed worker”. Moreover, 34% of young people surveyed say they wish their professional future “, combines or alternates between” salaried and independent work.

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independent work captivates so the young people surveyed,who say to appreciate to 40%, becoming their “own boss” and 35% the fact of being able to choose their “own work methods”.

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when asked about the incentives in the future which might enable them to embark with confidence in the entrepreneurship, all stress the need for protection vis-à-vis the risk still inherent in the creation of the business. 81% make the vow of a “compensation of the independent in the event of a sudden loss of activity” as well as a convergence of social protections.” To give grain to grind for the candidates ‘presidential election…

*Study carried out between 2 and 5 January, with 1006 respondents online and between the ages of 18 to 29 years old.


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