Saturday, January 21, 2017

Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will deliver its truth January 23 – ZDNet France

The experts of Samsung have well and truly buckled their investigation on the batteries, explosive Galaxy Note 7, which forced the manufacturer to stop the sale of the terminal in the world. A case without precedent. A wide press conference will be held on January 23, next to Seoul where Samsung promises to tell everything.

in Addition to its own teams, the group states that independent experts will deliver their analysis. Koh Dong-jin, the head of the mobile business of Samsung, is also expected to announce new measures taken by the group to avoid similar problems in the new devices. It will be for the giant south Korean to turn a definitive page for this fiasco and move on to the strategic launch of the Galaxy S8 scheduled between late February and April.

According to a source cited by Reuters, it would seem that the conclusions of this investigation overwhelm the battery itself and not the design of the terminal. Samsung would have been able to reproduce the case of fire Note 7, and concluded that the design of the equipment or potential problems with the software could not be the cause.

A finding that contradicts the work of independent engineers that are also discussed in this case. For them, the battery is not the only cause. It would have been rendered dangerous because of the design “aggressive” of the smartphone. In the race to the finesse (the Note is only 7.9 mm thick, Samsung is perhaps going too far since the chassis would place pressure on the battery, as the compartment that receives the battery has been reduced to the maximum.

elsewhere, the new devices distributed after the first explosion, equipped with a battery from another supplier had continued to take fire. This seems to again contradict the sole responsibility of the battery…

extrapolating, we can consider that this case has cost Samsung already over 2 billion euros. In the medium term, some analysts even argue that the notes had reached to 10 billion dollars.


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