Monday, January 30, 2017

Hamon winner, threats of desertion is increasing in PS – Le Figaro

the victory of The candidate marked on the left within the PS is blowing a wind of panic on the side of the “reformers”. Several are considering openly to rally Emmanuel Macron.

The hard part is there to do for Benoit Hamon ? Despite his resounding victory in the face of Manuel Valls on Sunday 29 January, the candidate nominated by the primary to the left is not at all guaranteed to find neither his family, nor even its allies of the beautiful people’s alliance gathered behind him to tackle the final stretch of the presidential campaign. On the side of supporters of Manuel Valls, on Sunday evening, many executives and elected officials discuss their doubts and ask for wages, when other directly evoke their interest in the movement of Emmanuel Macron.

“Benoit Hamon is now the candidate of our political family”, was responsible for Sunday evening, Manuel Valls. Not what, obviously, to convince all of his faithful. Interviewed on RTL, the deputy of gironde, Gilles Savary did not go by four paths: he will not pretend to support Benoît Hamon in the months to come. “Me personally, I am one of those who think that the mock unit, the raising of false friends, who have made the electoral success of the socialist party, undeniably, are very worn. And that, one of the merits of the election of Benoît Hamon, it is a line clear enough. It is a line which has vocation to gather the left of the left, but leaves aside the line of social-democrat”.

elected officials PS of the right wing are Tuesday

Rather than respect the speech made by his champion, the mp prefers to avoid a “future ” sling” to the victor: “It should not be that this part of this left to do to Benoît Hamon that Benoît Hamon, has made to successive governments of this period onwards”. “Me, I wait, in the coming days, we expect to know what will be proposed to the social democrats. Or, as a synthesis, I mean, acceptable, or by organization within the socialist party, perhaps, by rallying to a candidate outside that embodies”,

Tuesday morning, “the reformers” of the PS, supporters of Manuel Valls will meet to discuss the aftermath of the events. The same day, the candidate of the Beautiful people’s Alliance will meet with the parliamentarians of his party to try to reassure them. But a number did not expected that it will present its pledges to take the wide. “In view of the results of the primary, and according to my beliefs, I am committed behind Emmanuel Macron”, quickly announced the deputy of the Cantal Alain Calmette. The same to the member of the North Dominique Baert ,who has informed the Voice of The North Dominique Baert that he prefers his “cousin” Macron “false brother” Hamon.

whilst a number of frames of the first plan have already deserted from Solferino to join In the Walk!, the bleeding could continue. According to le Parisien this Monday morning, the observers internal to the PS expect a few tens of defections, then yes the more optimistic among Macron focus on the start of a quarantine of members of parliament. In the meantime, the closest supporters of Manuel Valls to take the lead and announce to consider the creation of a structure intended to maintain the flame vallsiste in the margins of the PS, on the model of a “house of reform”. At the level of activists, many seem to have taken the lead: according to the confidence of a framework of’power! a journliste of LCI, the movement would have counted 5,000 members additional since Sunday evening.

The PRG expects a clarification

Out of the PS too, the doubts take over the gathering around of Benoît Hamon. Thus the Party of the Radical Left Sylvia Pinel, who argued Manuel Valls for the second round, had taken the commitment of a support without having to call the winner of the election. Yet the statement released by the party on Sunday evening is very much a warning to the candidate, as he did not support: “the project led by Benoit Hamon, if it prevailed, cannot find in the state the membership of left-wing radicals tied to the company, to a development economic growth employment and distribution of wealth in metropolitan france and in overseas, a secularism clearly assumed, and the european recovery is necessary to protect the French threats of terrorism and the abuses of globalization. the and It comes back to Benoit Hamon now, if it wants to win the left in may, to find the terms for the gathering. The PRG intends to conduct quickly with him the discussion necessary for the clarification . In waiting, the PRG invites all the reformists of the left to meet in the coming days to bring together a word of the left to be credible in the presidential debate“.

doubts shared even by the side of the supporters of the reformist left from the civil society: the businessman Pierre Bergé, he quickly made his choice on social networks. “I bring my support without any restriction to Emmanuel Macron to be the president who will lead us to a social-democracy.


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