Friday, January 27, 2017

The average salary has increased : the French have won 2 250 euros net per month in 2014 – Franceinfo

The average salary of French has increased. It was, in 2014, a 2-225 euro net (2 957 euros gross). This is shown by the latest figures published on Friday 27 January by the Dares, the statistical services of the ministry of Labour, which are based on the most recent data.

Not only the average wage has increased by 1.5 % year on year, but in addition, the movement is accompanied by an increase in buying power since, at the same time, inflation has been lower than in 2013. The employees who have benefited most from this increase are the frames, which remain within the same company, preferably a company of over 500 employees. Wages are rising, especially in industry and services. The largest increase (+2.8% over one year) for the manufacture of products computer, electronic and optical.

This beautiful painting in general, however, merit to be qualified. In the construction sector, the average wage declined always in 2014 compared to 2013.
women are paid less than men (18% difference), even if the gap continues to shrink. This gap is particularly high in the sector of financial activities and insurance, where it exceeds 38%.

in addition, these figures are to be considered with caution. Economists often prefer to look at the median wage, which takes into account what earn half of the employees. It does not merely reflect an average which does not take into account the inequality of wages.

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