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Wages : finally, the upturn for the French ? – Boursorama

Wages : finally the improvement for the French ?

Wages : finally the improvement for the French ?

And if it was time to ask for a salary increase ? Published on Friday, the figures of the Dares, the directorate for studies, statistics of the ministry of Labour, shows that the increase is already underway. In 2014, the salaries of French private and public have increased by an average of 1 % (against 0.7% in 2013). This brings their net salary average monthly 2-225 euro (2 957 euros gross). It is a small gain, but “the acceleration in wages has prevailed in the majority of professional branches,” notes the Dares. And the purchasing power of wages, taking into account the increase in prices, is back in the green after two years in the red.


This improvement must be nuanced. First, the wage gaps remain significant between men and women (18.6% in 2014) or, depending on whether one is working in a multinational company or in a craftsman. Then, the inequalities are such that, if one takes the average wage, but the median wage, half of French people in fact earn less than 1 783 euros net per month.

It remains that the recovery, albeit modest, in economic activity begins to draw the salaries to the top. A motion that authorizes the restoration of the business margins chouchoutées throughout the quinquennium of Francois Hollande (pact of responsibility, CICE, reductions in charges on low wages…).

The presidential contenders did not disappoint. Each proclaims itself in its own way the “candidate of the payslip”. Fillon promised to raise wages by removing the contribution disease and Macron wants to reduce the gap between gross salary and net salary, while Hamon and Mélenchon offer a substantial revaluation of the smic. Before you go to the polls, may be have you already decided to talk big with your boss. If it is the …

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