Monday, January 23, 2017

The CDI, the “major goal” for young people – The Figaro

For a majority of young people aged 18 to 29 years of age, obtain a CDI is a “major goal”, “hard to get”, shows a survey OpinionWay released on Tuesday. When asked what is the CDI, 73% answered that it is a major objective, 20% that it attracts less and less and 6% that it doesn’t pull, according to the survey conducted for the Union of auto-entrepreneurs and the Fondation Le Roch Les Mousquetaires on the occasion of the Salon des entrepreneurs Paris 2017.

in addition, 81% felt that a permanent contract employment is difficult to obtain, 19% think the opposite. And 62% think that it is difficult to get to his account (37% easy). About benefits of wage employment, 70% highlight the security of employment and the regularity of income facilitating the rental of a housing, obtaining credit, opening a bank account…, 49% cite the benefit of acquired rights in respect of leave of absence and the same percentage of the good social security coverage (unemployment, retirement). Regarding the disadvantages, 39% evoke the monotony of a salaried position, with 34% working for a project that is not their own, and 33% of the hierarchical system.

to Work to his or her account has the advantage of being their own boss (40%), to have the freedom to apply its methods of work (35%) and to work according to a time that is chosen (30%). On the other hand, among the disadvantages, are cited financial risks (52%), the uncertainty of knowing how much one will win exactly at the end of the month (46%), and lack of social security coverage (unemployment, per diem payments for illness or accident, 37%). Among the young people surveyed, 46% perceive their professional future as an employee only, 25% by combining wage-earning and working at their account, and 18% only in to their account, and 11% in alternating employment and self-employment. In priority, they are looking for in the work a good level of pay (45%), the opening (44%), a good balance between private life and professional life (39%). Survey conducted by telephone from may 2 to January 5, 2017 with a sample of 1.006 people of 18 to 29 year-olds made up according to the metho d of quotas.


” The number of permanent positions increased by 10%


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