Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pensions : funding requirements – The Figaro

In a document that “Echos” have been able to see in exclusivity, the Board of direction des retraites (COR) has estimated that the ” demographic dependency ratio “ for the period 2013-2070 has degraded. In other words, it is necessary to reform the pension system if it wants to save it, as proposed by François Fillon, candidate of the right in the presidential election, since the number of elderly people relative to those of working age will continue to grow. Indeed, “by 2060, there would be no more that 1.35 million young for a senior, instead of 1.43″.

The trajectory has mainly changed due to the expected increase in life expectancy to 60 years, reports Les Echos. From 2040, the new curve gives an additional year in 2060. “For the generation born in 1990, life expectancy after 60 years would exceed 32 years in the central scenario, compared with 31 years in the previous forecast,” and the gap between men and women would tend to be reduced.


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