Saturday, January 28, 2017

La Halle aux chaussures from Vallauris to close its doors – Franceinfo

Vivarte group, which includes several brands, has announced a vast restructuring plan in France. 700 to 800 posts will be deleted in the country, but in the Alpes-Maritimes, only the store of Vallauris is affected by a closure.

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La Halle aux shoes Vallauris is the only store impacted by the restructuring plan of Vivarte in the Alpes-Maritimes © Google Earth

© Google Earth La Halle aux chaussures de Vallauris is the only store impacted by the restructuring plan of Vivarte in the Alpes-Maritimes

The axe is so fallen. Vivarte group is experiencing difficulties and is involved in a vast restructuring plan. Hundreds of posts will be deleted. The group announced it was leaving its mark in history; Andre and Naf-Naf. He had made it known last summer that Pataugas, Kookaï and Chevignon would be sold.
This time, it is the brand la Halle aux chaussures, which is referred to, but only one store is expected to close in the Alpes-Martimes : the way of Saint-Bernard Vallauris.
It has three employees, two permanent and one fixed term contract, who are not yet set on their future.
A backup plan of employment is announced

A backup plan of employment (PSE), with a phase of the voluntary retirement, was announced on Monday this week for this sign. With the key closing dry of 141 points of sale (out of 650), and the merger of 41 others with stores in The Halle, according to the CGT. Initially, management provided only for 97 closures.
the seats in The Hall for shoes and The Hall will also merge. – A total of more than 730 posts deleted at La Halle aux chaussures, according to the CGT, approximately 800, according to the CFDT.
both seats currently employ approximately 520 employees. For this merger, the executive shall also go through a plan of voluntary departures, without any “no dismissal”, which would be at a total of 149 employees, including 70 in the Hall. But the unions fear the double.


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