Sunday, January 29, 2017

Primary of the left : after the victory of Benoît Hamon, two members of parliament PS join Emmanuel Macron – Franceinfo

Benoît Hamon wants to “bringing together the socialists”, but the mission will be challenging. A few hours after the announcement of his victory in the second round of the primary to the left, Sunday 29 January, two elected socialists have announced that they would join the ranks of Emmanuel Macron.

>> Results, reactions… follow our live dedicated to the second round of the primary of the left

“in Spite of my loyalty to the socialist Party, to which I belong for the past 24 years, it is to me, in conscience, cannot give my support to the winner of the primary school” wrote the mp of the Cantal Alain Calmette, in a news release.

The deputy of Maine-et-Loire Marc Goua is also refusing to support Benoît Hamon. In the pages of the Mail from the West, he is taking on the slingers which belongs to the champion of the primary school : “there is a divide with those who for the past five years have sabotaged that mandate. Me, I was not always agree with the government, but by discipline, I have voted on all laws. (…) I confirm that I’m going to vote Macron.”

These two rallies are they isolated cases ? Benoît Hamon should he fear a hemorrhage within the PS ? Some supporters of Manuel Valls could be tempted to join Emmanuel Macron, whose line is closest to the positions of the former Prime minister as those of Benoît Hamon.

According to the vallsiste Philippe Doucet, questioned by AFP, the half of deputies reformers could “to be tempted by the hypothesis Macron”. The elect in the Pole of the reformers, moreover, were expected to meet Tuesday morning and examine a text prepared by the member of parliament Gilles Savary, another close to Manuel Valls.

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