Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wall Street : the Dow Jones exceeds 20 000 points for the first time in its history – The World

In the immediate future, the markets were little protectionist risks, and the willingness of president Donald Trump to renegotiate some trade agreements.

For the first time, Wednesday, 25 January, the Dow Jones has crossed the 20,000 points as of the opening of Wall Street, thanks to a renewed confidence in the economic policy of the presidency to Trump.

at Around 14: 45, the index featured Dow Jones Industrial Average was 96,76 points, or 0.49 per cent, to 20 009,47 points. The Nasdaq, to dominant technological, adjugeait 34,20 points, or 0.61 %, to 5 635,16 points. The expanded index S&P 500 went up 10.30 points, or 0.45% to 2 290,37 points. Side of the bond market, the yield on Treasury bills recorded an increase Tuesday night.

After hesitating several times in recent weeks, the flagship index of Wall Street has finally passed the symbolic threshold less than a week after the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday.

” The global markets brush aside their fears of political in the middle of a stream of decisions of the u.s. president and Donald Trump for its first week in power to implement the measures promised during his campaign “, have summarized the broker of Charles Schwab, in a note.

A previous record in 2008

Among the decisions noticed by the markets, the new president signed Tuesday the decrees the re-construction of two oil pipelines controversial.

Wall Street, who was on-site since mid-December, has resumed its upward trend that had marked the post-election period through to the promises of fiscal stimulus, relief, regulations and tax reductions.

In the immediate future, the markets were little protectionist risks, and the willingness of the u.s. president to renegotiate some trade agreements.

on Tuesday, the New York stock Exchange had already clearly mounted : the Nasdaq, up 0.86 %, and the index expanded S&P 500 had ended at records. The index featured Dow Jones Industrial Average was taken of 0.57 %.

The largest increase in points recorded by the index dates back to October 13, 2008. On this day, less than a month after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the detonator of the global financial crisis, the Dow took 936,42 points. The largest percentage increase dates back to march 15, 1933, with a leap of 15,34 %, during the Great Depression.

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