Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Saint-Nazaire – acquisition of STX France: the State does not exclude that Fincantieri is a minority – The Express

I remind you that with 33% we have a blocking minority, but it is clear that our project, the one that we discuss with Fincantieri, is not necessarily a case that Fincantieri would be the majority alone“, has declared to the press the secretary of State during a visit to the industrial site, accompanied by local elected officials, and after a round table meeting with unions of STX France.

What is expressed by some and by others, it is the desire to have an industrial reference. Have an industrial reference, this is not necessarily a industrial majority” repeated M. Sirugue.

Responding to the mayor (PS) of Saint-Nazaire, David Samzun, who “(would be) rather a bad eye that Fincantieri is in the majority and it is therefore the patron of our building“, Christophe Sirugue said, “(consider) that it would be better that we have a participation which involves more actors than just the State and Fincantieri“, even if “today it is too early to say what that should be or not on the part of one party or the other“.

The socialist senator of Loire-Atlantique Yannick Vaugrenard was overjoyed by the “new element (…) brought” by the secretary of State. “It seems to me highly desirable that Fincantieri is minority,” responded the senator.

one of The assumptions is the entrance to the capital of the industrial DCNS, in large part owned by France, which would “to strengthen the presence of the State, without necessarily go up to a nationalization, which is not necessary if we have a good pact of shareholders established between DCNS, the State, Fincantieri and perhaps other“, stressed the secretary of State.

The State keeps all the possibilities of intervention if the exchange with Fincantieri would not be consistent with the priorities” laid down by the government, the first priority being the maintenance of the activity on the site of Saint-Nazaire, has notified M. Sirugue.

There must be a balance in the capital and avoid that Fincantieri considers Saint-Nazaire as a unit of production“, felt his side of the chair (LR) of the region pays de la Loire, Bruno Retailleau.

I think that we can be industrial operator and majority“, he continued, showing his preference for the hypothesis of “where the State more DCNS are to have an interest of less than 50%,and that Fincantieri has also a participation approach that of the public sector is always less than 50%, supplemented by other actors“. Mr. Retailleau has also reiterated its proposal to bring the region to the capital, “if it is strictly necessary“.

The justice of south korea, appointed to consider the judicial settlement of the mother house of the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire, the south Korean group STX Offshore and Shipbuilding, is entry Tuesday into exclusive negotiations with the Italian group Fincantieri for the recovery of STX France.


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