Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A boss forgoes a fat check to give up his business to his employees – Europe1


It is a decision that has not failed to surprise. Eric Belile, president and CEO of the General Office, an SME in nantes specialized in the equipment of offices, and employs 45 people, has decided to sell his business to his employees. The boss has preferred to leave to the side the tender, otherwise more consistent, made by large groups.”You can’t improvise on the day of retirement, I preferred to anticipate, as much as I was receiving regular proposals that were more interesting and sometimes even exciting,” says the officer at the microphone of Europe 1.

“money is not a motivation”. If it admits that the money account, “up to a certain point”, he preferred to take precedence over the well-being of its employees. “The money is not a motivation, it is a means for achieving certain motives, and mine are multiple, including the life company, the consideration that I may have with respect to my staff”, he says. “To give you an idea, I am willing to sell the business two to three times cheaper than what has been offered to me”, he breathed, without, however, giving a figure.

Heard on Europe 1

If I had sold to a pension fund or a very large group, there would have been layoffs

“The entire staff will remain at his post”. “It is obvious that if I had sold to a pension fund or a very large group, it is a secret, there would have been layoffs at the key. At least one-third of the staff would have been dismissed. I would have taken a big cheque, and I would have had a hard time then to go back in my premises,” he argued. “Knowing that this is the team of executives who will take over this company, the entire staff will remain at his post. So I think it had to be reassuring for everyone.”

An initiative, which, he hoped, might give some ideas to other business leaders.


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