Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Primary left : Valls draws the “right of inventiveness” – The Point

polls predict a new April 21, 2017. But not Manuel Valls. “For me, the question is not whether the left can win. The left must win. Because France has need of progress, social justice, innovation. So she needs the left “. The ex-Prime minister exhibited this January 3, his project in front of his supporters and the press at the Maison de la Chimie, in Paris. In front of the ” declinism “, the “renunciation” and the “extensive purge” of the right and the national Front, he justified his nomination because he believes ” neither the ease nor the patience.”

” I fully accept what has been committed ” with François Hollande since 2012, said the former tenant of Matignon. Not the right inventory. Instead of a ” right of inventiveness “. Featuring a new slogan (” A Republic strong, a France fair “), Manuel Valls has described its proposals aimed at “refounding” of Europe and allow the French to ” take a hand “.

Finding differences disloyal within the EU, Manuel Valls proposes to establish a european minimum wage varies depending on the country (60 % of the median wage) or to frame in a ” corridor “, with a minimum and a maximum, the tax on the societies of the member States. The multinational companies of the digital, such as Google or Amazon would, they, are taxed where their turnover is realized. The former tenant of Matignon, who wants a big conference for “refounding” of the european project, proposes to move forward with voluntary States in the absence of agreement to 27. If he succeeds at the Elysée palace, he intends to permanently close the door to the entry of Turkey into the EU that it ” must not and will not be able to integrate “.


In terms of budgetary discipline, whether it intends to comply with the eu rule of 3 % deficit maximum, the former Prime minister has no intention of returning the budget to balance at the end of the next quinquennium, deeming it “inappropriate” to want to reduce the deficit, ” forced march “. The candidate for the primary 22 and 29 January was justified by its priorities : defence (target of 2 % of GDP in 2025), security (creation of at least 1,000 employees of forces of law and order per year), justice (10 000 new places in prison), education (increase in teachers ‘salaries), research ($ 1 billion for universities) and funding of a “decent income” of approximately € 800, merging the minimum wage. He promises, however, ” the continued reduction of compulsory levies “, by choosing a growth assumption of 1.9 %.

Innovation budget for one who, according to his entourage, claims “a right to invent” more than a right of inventory : it offers an “allowance” of 15 billion euros over the five-year programme to deal with the hard knocks. Manuel Valls, gave for the time clearly distanced by the polls for the presidential election in the event of victory in the primary from the left, also made several other promises, including a civic service mandatory six months, the division by two in five years the pay gap between men and women, an interest free loan for entrepreneurs or a revaluation of 10 % of the minimum pension.


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