Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Application STX Fincantieri. Reaction to trade-union and political – West-France

The employee representatives CFDT and CGT STX react to the arrival now very likely to Fincantieri at the helm of the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire. Several political parties also.

For the CFDT, ” this choice calls for several questions that it will raise in the next few weeks.” On the industrial side, the site ” living today because he built, at the side of the great ocean liners, other ships in the military or even of sub-stations for marine renewable energy. The first to bring the volume of work, the other the margin. The fear of the CFDT, is to see our site specialize in the use of large ships – due to its large wedge – challenging our balance. “The concern is also on a possible the “economic downturn” with ” what are the trade-offs between the sites Italian and French ? “

socially, ” when it is acquired by a direct competitor, the risk is to see the research synergies that are very often at the expense of employment, in the search for duplicates. What about the commercial service, research offices, shopping… ? “For the CFDT, the site must keep ” all of its capabilities and autonomy, to the top or bottom of the scale, and not depend on Trieste. “

On the strategic plan, ” there is a great concern to a transfer of know-how to China. “ For the CFDT, ” more than technology, it is this know-how, in engineering, the logistics, the network of subcontractors that we have to preserve because this has a strong impact in our region with thousands of jobs to the key. Do not let go ! “” Fincantieri will not be the only shareholder, recalls the union. the And the State, with its blocking minority, we need to give assurances on these three points. “

The CGT refuses precarious employment

For the unions of the majority CGT, ” the concern is real, as we could be to any other shareholder present in person up here in this folder. Risk of duplication of some services, political choices and industrial at the expense of the employees… many Of the questions are to ask, including representatives of the State, a shareholder of the shipyard, which is in the responsibility folder. “

The trade union organization reports that ” during a recent meeting on the site, the direction of Fincantieri said to use 65% of the work detached on its sites. It can therefore accentuate the policy of casualisation of jobs initiated since several years by the executive officer of Alstom, Aker and STX, including with the backing of the French State, shareholder at 33%. This is not acceptable ! “to

The SGC naval estimates that ” this policy of precarious employment is a danger to the employees. She asks a hiring plan solid and a real content of salary that is not of the “dispersion” as it is currently. “

In the space of three years, with an order book full, ” the site has gone from a workforce of 2200 people 2600 people where, at equivalent load, there were 4500 CDI, 15 years ago ! “

The union also points ” the level of salaries still low. The last wage agreement of 0.7% general increase (that the CGT has not signed) does not even allow to lower wages to achieve the hourly rate of the Smic. We need to impose clear answers to potential buyers of the Site about their intentions in the matter, including the State. “

Also of the policy responses

Bruno Retailleau , president of the regional council. “justice of south korea has to decide in favour of the Italian group Fincantieri for the recovery of the shipyards STX France.european Leader, Fincantieri has an expertise and a know-how recognized in the field of shipbuilding, and there may be, indeed, a real economic complementarity between the work sites nazairiens and Italian, but only to be lifted a number of uncertainties and several guarantees to be provided.first, ensure the continuity and development of the site of St Nazaire, avoiding any risk of transfer of commands or technologies.Then, guarantee employment policy, of the governance and investment of the new company.Finally, ensuring the strategic interests of this critical sector to the French sovereignty.It is incumbent on the State to ensure within one month that comes with all these guarantees, in connection with t he group Fincantieri. This will include the establishment of a round table of capital and balanced by the drafting of a shareholders ‘ agreement to be robust.

For the round table, I wish to : that the level of participation of the State and of DCNS is close to that of Fincantieri. The cruise lines, which ensure them only the workload of the shipyards of St Nazaire, for the ten years to come, are present in the capital of the future entity. This will be an essential element of stability.

Since Christmas, I had the opportunity to speak with all of these potential actors as well as with Christophe Sirugue, Secretary of State for Industry. I am convinced that a solution for the future for our shipyards is possible”

communist Party. ” The State has all the cards in their hands to oppose the takeover of Italian. It is not too late to implement a national solution that is useful to the country, strengthening State participation in the capital of the site, combined with its historical partners, but also of the national industrial “.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, candidate Standing in France for the presidential election : Has just bought, STXFrance can fear a reorganisation by its buyer in Italian : the latter plundered the French savoir-faire, the wealth of R&D STX and its commands that are in the billions… In a logic of cost reduction, it may also remove positions in France for the benefit of production sites for chinese ! (…) A State of sense, and defender of the national interest in the block by all means the acquisition of strategic enterprise by a foreign group, by activating the decree Villepin (expanded by Arnaud Montebourg at the Alstom case). It would open negotiations which aimed to nationalize STX France in the framework of a conglomerate STX/DCNS/Alstom.

Marine Le Pen, candidate of Front national in the presidential election : ” Shipyards: serious concerns around the takeover by the Italian #Fincantieri. My commitment: to recovery to 51% by the State “ (Twitter)


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