Sunday, January 15, 2017

London – Brexit: London threat to a half-word the EU tax dumping – The Express

We should be able to find an agreement to permit, on a reciprocal basis, of access to our respective markets without political integration that the EU membership has involved,” said the minister in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Repeating that “the message from the referendum is that we need to control our immigration policy“, he said that this control will wear, for the nationals of the EU, “ ” on freedom of travel to come to work, the freedom to settle, and the freedom to create a company“.

The other 27 countries of the european Union were firm since the result of the referendum of 23 June on the future access to the single market, and in opposition to London could benefit if it does not comply with the principle of free movement of persons, in particular the workforce of eastern Europe. Thus, they have refused consistently the choice for London “Brexit” “the map“.

– to ‘Change business model’ –

in the Face of the possible end of not receive european, Philip Hammond has warned that if the United Kingdom “has no access to the european market“, the country could “change of economic model” to “to regain competitiveness“.

He has hinted at the possibility of launching a dumping tax by lowering the income taxes of the companies based in the United Kingdom, in order that they remain competitive in spite of the customs of europe.

The government has already announced that it wants to by 2020, to reduce the corporate tax from 20% currently to 17%, which will be the lowest of all G20 countries.

most of us who have voted to stay (in the EU) would prefer that the Uk remains an economy in a recognizable style european tax system, european type, a control system of european-type,” explained Mr. Hammond, who had campaigned to stay in the EU. “But you can be certain that we will do what we have to do“, he warned.

That hard line is expected to be confirmed Tuesday by the First minister Theresa May, who must give a big speech in London before the british diplomatic service and the negotiating team of the government in the divorce with the EU.

- ‘trade War’ –

If Downing Street announces that she will call the United Kingdom to unite and support the Brexit, pleading for an end to the “insults” and the rancor between pro – and anti-Brexit, the british press Sunday announced that it will lay the groundwork for a “Brexit hard” : the withdrawal of the single market, the european customs union and the european Court of justice, in order to regain control of european immigration.

Citing these three points, the Sunday Times has written that Mrs May will announce wanting a “Brexit hard and within the rules“.

The Sun was titled “The triple shock wave May on the Brexit“, while the Sunday Telegraph quoted a government source saying that “the people will know that when she said +The Brexit means the Brexit+, she was really thinking,“.

For the leader of the opposition labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May is poised to actually begin in a “a trade war” with the EU if she does not get what she wants.

It seems to lead us in the direction of an economy at a discount on the shores of Europe where we have low levels of corporate taxes and we’ll lose half of our export market“, he declared in a political broadcast from the BBC. “This seems to me to be an extremely risky strategy” and “a recipe for a kind of trade war with Europe in the future“, he added, judging that it was not “it’s a very reasonable move before“.


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