Sunday, January 15, 2017

Investigations possible on other manufacturers as Renault, Le Figaro

other automakers that Renault could be the subject of judicial investigations in France for deception on the polluting emissions of their engines, said Ségolène Royal. In an interview with the Sunday Newspaper, the minister of the Environment indicates, however, that you have no reason to think that the French manufacturer has used a software truqueur, as the German Volkswagen. “A number of anomalies had been noted on Renault vehicles. The controls exceeded really much the approved standards. It is also the case of other manufacturers, to a different extent. So there could be other investigations,” she said.

The prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened this week a judicial inquiry into Renault about a possible deception on the polluting emissions of its diesel vehicles. It focuses on the pattern of “deception on essential qualities, and the controls carried out”, having been able to make some of the cars that are dangerous to health, has it learned Friday from source close to the floor. “It is up to the investigation to determine if Renault has used a software truqueur as has been done by Volkswagen”, says Ségolène Royal. “Justice will tell if they have just used the flaws in the system. I have no reason to think that Renault cheated as Volkswagen.”

The court information, the result of an investigation of the Directorate general for competition, consumption and repression of fraud (DGCCRF) to shed light on the emissions in real conditions of conduct of all the brands marketed in France. Several Renault vehicles that had by then been singled out for their exceedances of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) during road tests because of the choice of a range of optimal functioning of the system clean-up more closely than in other manufacturers.


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