Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Globalization : China slows – Franceinfo

red Carpet rolled out for Xi Jinping, the new star of Davos. The chinese president did not come to Switzerland only to taste the fondue. He is on a mission of seduction to the economic elite of the world. In the Face of threats of protectionism in the United States and in some european countries, Xi Jinping is the spokesperson for the free trade. the “China keeps its doors wide open to the world and does not close”, a-t-he assured.

The chinese president wants to save the current state of globalization to save the chinese growth. Since the trade, it is 40% of the gross domestic product of the country. But after years of expansion, the exports are on the wane : -7,7% in 2016. In case, products become more expensive, because wages and the cost of work has increased in China. Therefore, more and more chinese groups are leaving their country to go to find a workforce less expensive.


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