Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thales will modernize the radars of the swiss air force – The Figaro

Thales was awarded a contract for the modernization of fixed speed camera monitoring of long-range “Master” for the benefit of the air forces of the swiss Confederation, in the amount of € 74 million.

This contract “marks the first step related to the project of modernization of the program Florako, which has the objective to extend the availability of radar and maintain operational excellence through 2030,” says Thales in a statement on Wednesday.

Their modernization on the site of Thales in Limours, in the paris area will be carried out jointly with the group, Ruag defence, which will act as a subcontractor of Thales.

The swiss air force have a system of command and control and air defence fully operational since 2004, designed by Thales in collaboration with other industrial partners.

“This system is a system in air command and control the most complete and the most efficient currently deployed in the world,” says Thales.

According to the group, “Florako is able to correlate data, civilian and military, in real time, thus improving the quality of the overall representation of the airspace while reducing the time of decision-making”.


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