Sunday, January 15, 2017

“Exclude the car from the city centres is a false good idea” – Le Parisien

Jacques Aschenbroich, CEO of Valeo, will pass at the auto Show in Detroit (United States), was of the view that the technological revolution now in progress will reconcile the car and the city.

Precent on the 29e the motor Show in Detroit, Michigan (United States), which opened its doors to the public on Saturday, the French group Valeo is one of the leaders worldwide in automotive equipment. Meeting with its CEO, Jacques Aschenbroich.

in The United States, Donald Trump’s threat to the automotive companies of protectionist measures. Do you fear the same thing in France ?

Jacques Aschenbroich no regulation, I’m already doing on the economic patriotism. Since my arrival in the group in 2009, we have invested heavily in France and this has allowed us to recover the profitability of Valeo in France. But patriotism does not mean protectionism. It is necessary to defend our companies and welcome foreign companies who provide economically a lot in France. The foreign investments in our country have greatly decreased in recent years. To reverse the trend, we absolutely need to increase the flexibility of the labour Code, and to lower the labour costs through lower social security charges. This has been initiated with the competitiveness pact, ll need to go further.

Paris, Grenoble or Lyon have experienced several peaks of pollution. Does it exclude the car from the city centres ?

Not to exclude the car, as can the consider some of the mayors of large cities, is a false good idea. Certainly the automotive industry has its share of responsibility for the pollution, but it has made tremendous progress and continues to make in drastically reducing the emissions of combustion engines and by developing hybrid technologies and electric. At Valeo, we are refocused in 2009 on the protection of the environment and the car is intuitive, which allows the driver to not waste your time by delegating a part of the driving, in a traffic jam for example.

Can we talk about a rupture with the past ?

The car lives a historic moment. It is undergoing a triple revolution in developing vehicles that are both cleaner, more connected and self-reliant. This is what will allow him to reconcile with the city. This revolution is added to a societal shift, where it turns gradually to a logic of property, to adopt a logic of use with car-sharing, car-pooling or leasing between private individuals. I have the certainty that this return of the automobile is absolutely not a bad news for the environment.

The manufacturers have fully aware of these three revolutions ?

A number of them, yes. But this requires a great capacity of adaptation. Where a large number of partnerships that are formed currently with the actors of the new economy. The automotive industry is surrounded by more than 30,000 start-ups. Where a fierce competition, almost darwinian, where only the strong, and not necessarily the biggest, will survive. In this race, the French start-ups are well placed. At the Salon of high-tech in Las Vegas, the french-tech was 3e behind the United States and China.

What should be the next president of the Republic for encouraging innovation ?

More freedom to undertake. Employment contracts have become too rigid and the tax burden is too heavy. This sclerosis our economy. For Valeo, France, this is 17 % of our workforce in the world, but… 50 % of the social charges ! There is clearly a problem of social charges in France.


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