Sunday, January 15, 2017

GB: May is expected to announce Brexit “hard” – Le Figaro

The first british minister Theresa May is to aim a divorce in the rules, but “hard” with the EU, explain it in a great speech on Tuesday in which it will present its plans for the Brexit, today write several british newspapers. May intends to launch the procedure of divorce with the EU by the end of march, by activating article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering a negotiation process of two years. But it will have to rely on the decision of the supreme Court which must pronounce on the necessity or not to consult parliament before. Its decision is expected by the end of the month of January.

For months, May is in a hurry to reveal its strategy on the negotiations that will define the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the european Union. In his speech Tuesday, she called on the Uk to unite and support the Brexit, pleading for an end to the “insults” and the rancor between pro – and anti-Brexit, has provided its services to Downing Street. But according to british newspapers, it will lay the groundwork for a “Brexit” hard – shrinkage of the single market, the european customs union and the european Court of justice, in order to regain control of european immigration.

Citing these three points, the Sunday Times writing, as well as Mrs May will announce to want a “Brexit hard and within the rules”. in The Sun as “The triple shock wave May on the Brexit”, indicating that the first minister is going to “show it is serious by announcing an exit in three strokes of the EU”. in The Sunday Telegraph quotes a government source who claims that “people will know that when she said ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she really meant it”.

Downing Street has simply said that the speech will call on the country to “set aside old divisions and unite to make the Brexit a success”.


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