Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Employment: 23% of the French would have refused a job or training because of lack of transport –

A train of the RER C (see figure). – SIPA

POLL The proportion has even climbed to 43% among young people and exceeds 50% for the socially fragile…

Almost one French person in four has already refused a job or training because he did not have transportation to get there.

The proportion has even climbed to 43 % among young people and exceeds 50 % for individuals and socially fragile (housed in the home and earning less than 1,000 euros per month). More generally, 86 % of the population considers that the difficulties of access to mobility represent an obstacle to employment.

This is what emerges from a survey Elabe for the Laboratory of the mobility achieved from 1.003 people at the beginning of December and made public this Wednesday. Nearly half of respondents think transportation is too little developed in their area of residence. In addition, 43 % claim to have “time to time” problems to travel daily to their place of study or work.

In addition, among the respondents, 37% of non-holders of driving licenses have had to give up work because there is no possibility of getting there, compared to only 17 % among those who have the permit. Obtaining a concrete post is not the only perspective is complicated by the lack of mobility.

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even Before the return to employment, 19 % of the French would have in effect had to give up to get to an appointment “in a support structure to the
job search” or to a job interview because of transportation.

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