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The difficulties of transport hinder the job-search French –


A commuter train from the gare Saint-Lazare in Paris on march 9, 2015 (illustration).

This is not a situation referred to when one speaks of the difficulty of access to employment, but yet, one French person in four has already been met. According to a survey Elabe performed for the Laboratory of the mobility inclusive of 1.003, 86% of the French think the difficulties of access to mobility (i.e. the ability to move on a daily basis) as a disincentive to employment.

23% of the respondents reported to have already given up work or training because they could not get there. It is in young (43%) and people living with less than 1,000 euros per month (50%) that the figures are the most important. Logically, the holders of B permits are less concerned with the problem, only 17% of them have refused work for that reason.

In detail, almost one French person in five said also to have waived to go to a job interview or “in a support structure to the job search”, such as the Pôle emploi for example, by lack of means to travel.

The traffic problems of public transport are also mentioned in the survey. 43% of French people interviewed claim to have “time in” time – difficulties in their daily commute to access their place of work, studies or other activities. And this is even more true for transit : 74% used TER say encounter difficulties, 66% of the users of the metro/RER, 67% of the inhabitants of the paris region and 53% in the suburbs.

Finally, nearly half of the respondents are of the opinion that the transports are not enough developed in their area residential.

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