Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Consumer prices up 0.6% year over year in France – Le Figaro

In France, consumer prices are estimated to rise 0.3% in December and increased 0.6% year on year, against 0.5% a month earlier, the pace is the highest since may 2014.

Still according to the Insee, the price index, harmonised, HICP, which allows for comparisons with other countries in the euro zone, grew 0.3% in December and recorded an increase of 0.8% year on year, there also the highest level since may 2014.

Fell to negative levels in the winter of 2016, inflation bounces back very gradually since then but are still far from the objective of the european central Bank (ECB), located a little less than 2%. For the month of December, the Insee reported a higher more pronounced on a year-on-year prices of energy and food products. But the price of the service would slow down a bit and those manufactured products will decline more sharply than in November


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