Monday, February 15, 2016

responsibility pact: Valls reprimand bosses –

Prime Minister Manuel Valls has threatened Monday, February 15 to “condition” aid granted to companies under the responsibility pact, saying again that the commitments of employers in employment were “not satisfactory” . “We always said that we would respect the financial commitment” of 41 billion euros in total decline pact labor costs in France, said the Prime Minister after a meeting on the key measure of five-year term with the employers and unions.

“But as it already was sometimes proposed, aid may be packed, they can be redirected to other businesses, that’s what we study “, he said. “There is no threat, it is only to ensure that everyone takes responsibility”, mainly the employers said Mr. Valls, with its Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri at his side.

“We did what followed in terms of job creation. and we have emphasized the minister that it was not satisfactory, that the commitments were not respected,” he criticized .

Condition the aid would be “a major mistake” responded Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, vice president of MEDEF, after the statements of the Prime Minister. “Obviously, it should not be conditioned, and if conditions we will hand the floor all that has been done for two years,” he told the press.

A new assessment effects of the pact, launched by François Hollande in January 2014, will take place “before the summer”, also announced Mr. Valls. This new meeting, a new waypoint will speak before the submission of an evaluation report prepared by France Strategy, a think-tank attached to Matignon.

Only 16 branches on the main 50 have for now signed agreements in the wake of the pact, and only three provide for net job creation.

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