Monday, February 29, 2016

Labour reform: facing the sling, the government paused – The Point

Is this a start of retreat? They spoke of forced passage with 49.3, but eventually the redesign of the Labour Code will be slightly delayed in time. Manuel Valls announced Monday the postponement of “fifteen days” the presentation of the bill on the Labour Cabinet, originally scheduled for March 9, but strongly opposed by the left and the unions. According to a source, it will be presented Thursday, March 24 by the cabinet, having exceptional place that week on a Thursday and not Wednesday because of a visit to Brussels by Prime Minister on 23 March.

“it takes up a number of misunderstandings, we must explain, answer a series of false information given on this text. So we are going to give us a few extra days before entering the Cabinet, two weeks probably, what does not change much from the initial parliamentary calendar was expected, “said from the Salon of agriculture Prime Minister, who denied any retreat: “the retreat, it would abandon the text. “” I’ll get in a week probably, all the social partners, trade unions and employers’ organizations, one after the others, “he added the Prime Minister. He said he next step is to “bring the power”, with ministers Myriam El Khomri (Labour) and Emmanuel Macron (Economics), “return to the debate.”

Mélenchon welcomes “a first victory”

The first reactions were not long in coming. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who “offered” his candidacy for president, welcomed the postponement, but continues to ask for the “total withdrawal”. “Report of the #LoiTravail: first win. Long live the # 9mars! Complete withdrawal of the law! “Tweeted former presidential candidate in 2012 in the minutes that followed the announcement of the postponement by Manuel Valls. Citing a “law of the return of the past” in a post broadcast Sunday blog, Jean-Luc Mélenchon quipped: “Manuel Valls did not take sufficient account of the use of child labor to meet the challenge of competitiveness, flexibility and modernity. “It held that” the will to fight spread like wildfire crystallizes all the hatreds that the government creates “, deeming that state the text would” put the daily lives of employees in tatters “and” not create (it) not a single job. “

for his part Eric Coquerel, policy coordinator of the left Party, described the report as” first retreat, “recalling the planned mobilization on 9 March. “A delay of 15 days is a first retreat of #valls: push until you remove the #loielkhomri. The 9/3 is mobilized! #OnVautMieuxQueCa “Said he tweeted.

A motion of censure in case of 49.3

Discontent grew in recent weeks against the bill. A petition is circulating on the Internet and won a great success. On the policy side, the left, we cringe. PS MP Christian Paul, leader of “slingers” said that “nothing (was) excluded” on a possible motion of censure against the law work when using the 49.3 criticizing again the orientation “liberal” given by Manuel Valls. Christian Paul is a part, with Martine Aubry, signatories of the platform Le Monde accusing François Hollande and Manuel Valls “the weakening of France.” This forum has he said on i & gt; TV is “a halt facing a coup”: Bill on work

“This text may not. go to state before Parliament. Others suggested that it suspends or postpones it, in the words of Laurent Berger, the CFDT. Frankly, it is not within a few months “, developed Christian Paul. “If Article 49.3 is used on a text which I believe it is not good for the country, it weakens the collective protection, the left goes astray on the wrong track, obviously the issue ( the motion of censure) will arise and we will look into consciousness. But I do not despair that it be deeply rewritten, or simply removed, “said the deputy of the Nievre. On a motion of censure, “nothing is excluded, there is no taboo,” he said.


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