Sunday, February 21, 2016

Less funds for RSI – The

The network of social independent regime based funds will be reduced to a dozen metropolitan crates on 1 January 2019, according to a Sunday decree published in the Official Journal. This reorganization follows the project “Trajectory RSI 2018″, launched in late 2013 to streamline the size of the boxes and their numbers to make cost savings.

The decree organizing new M 25 regional banks and fixed new geographical springs future 10 base unions in France. An eleventh body remains dedicated to the professions. With funds overseas, the regime will be based on a total of 13 organization horizon boxes 2019.

The RSI, established in 2006, has six million members (craftsmen, traders, professions liberal, retirees).
Its management regularly wipes many reproaches. In 2015, the government has taken a series of measures, which according allowed him to simplify the procedures for insured and better adjust dues payments, which are based on income from the previous year.


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