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Postponement of the presentation of the bill on the reform of the Labour Code – The World

Manuel Valls and Myriam El Khomri, November  4, 2015.

The government provides two additional weeks to review its copy. Manuel Valls, the prime minister, announced Monday, February 29, the presentation of El Khomri bill on the reform of the labor code will be postponed for a “fifteen days” . The text, assailed by unions and part of the left, will be presented by the Cabinet on March 24, not March 9, as originally planned. This does “changes very little from the original parliamentary calendar” , assured the Prime Minister.

Mr. Valls assured be open to discussion for “correct what needs to be” . He spoke to the Agricultural Fair:

“It takes up a number of misunderstandings, we must explain, answer a series of false information which are given on the text. “

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Mr. Valls wants to “to reserve the right to change (the text) if needed” , commented Minister Emmanuel Macron economy. The prime minister, however, denied any setback: “The decline, it would abandon the text. “ This report is intended to ” move the text without going back on its principles “ were known earlier government sources.

Mr. Valls said he would consult, from next week, “all social partners, trade unions and employers’ organizations, one after the other” . He said he then will “to bring together” , with Myriam El Khomri, the labor minister, and Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Economy, “to return the debate “

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Clashes in the press

This new posture of Mr. Valls shows a change in tone, at least on the method. So far, the Executive had indeed opted for an extreme firmness of speech. An interview of the Minister of Labour to the Voices , February 17, had set fire to the powder. “We will take our responsibilities” , said M me El Khomri, questioned the possible use of Article 49-3 (adoption of a text without a vote, except confidence motion) to get this text, as for Macron law in 2015.

this possibility, even before the filing of the bill in Parliament, had aroused strong opposition within the Socialist Party, already strongly divided on the vote of the required constitutional reform by Francois Hollande, President of the Republic, and including deprivation of nationality for perpetrators of terrorist crimes.

in an article vitriolic published Wednesday with Le Monde , Martine Aubry denounced a “weakened France” which would lead the MM policy. Holland and Valls. The Prime Minister was in passing scratched for his “indecent Munich speech” , in which he criticized the policies of Angela Merkel to refugees.

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Petition against the Bill

on labor front, this small report before presenting the Council of Ministers was urged on Sunday by Lawrence Berger, the general secretary of the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT). “We have to start a dialogue on” , had advocated M. Berger, unhappy with a text by leaving him too much space to the “flexibility” and the decisions “employer’s unilateral” at the expense of employees. “The points made by Berger to be taken into account” , considered Monday a government source

Done unpublished since 2013, an inter a dozen organizations. – CFDT , French Confederation of General Confederation of Professionals-mentoring (CFE-CGC), General Confederation of Labour (CGT), Federation of unitary unions (FSU), Union Solidarity union (SUD), national Union of autonomous unions (UNSA), Union national students of France (UNEF), national Union schoolgirl (UNL) and independent and Democratic Federation schoolgirl (LDIF) – had gathered Tuesday to denounce “a project developed without real consultation” . An online petition against the bill, initiated by the feminist Caroline de Haas, had gathered Monday afternoon over 785 000 signatures.

“The reform must remain very ambitious “

Meanwhile, the employers’ organizations said Monday that the postponement of the presentation of the work on the bill would allow for ” make education “, but warned the government against any “fading” text facing the “slingshot” a part of the left. The reform must remain very ambitious” , reacted spokesman of Medef, the main employers’ association.

A message relayed by François Asselin, a number of the CGPME organization representing small and medium enterprises, which expressed concern “a step backwards” . “By trying to make France a social paradise, we will make an economic desert” , he regretted.

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the party Republicans believe that with this report “we are witnessing the implosion Live from the majority “. “We’ll see if a text is submitted [Parliament] one is eager to discuss this item after item project” on Monday said Guillaume Larrivé, spokesman party. According to him, “it is urgent to change the parameters of labor laws to enable companies to hire more easily,” . Republicans are “support the principle of the El Khomri law” , but want to go “further” , said Eric Woerth, the secretary general of the party.


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