Thursday, February 25, 2016

Battle online around the law Khomri El – L’Express

In seven days, an online petition against this project has broken all records in France, with already more than 577,000 signatures Thursday on the website

Launched Friday, including the feminist Caroline De Haas, under the title “ law work: no thank you “, she anticipates the second most signed petition in France, the against the EU directive on trade secrets (508,145 signatures). The latter did, however, received only 270,000 signatures during the first ten days of exceptional start illustration of the petition against the proposed El Khomri law.

In the evening, the Minister of Labour responded to the signatories. According to her, “ if certain statements of this petition are true, many others are false and its many incomplete .” However, it considers the debate “ healthy ‘,’ seen the issue and the magnitude of the reform ” and concludes his argument by saying: “ each citizen, once it has all the information in hand, to get his opinion . ”

To explain his project, the government has also taken the original initiative Thursday to create a special Twitter account, called @LoiTravail.

There is much talk of me but they know me wrong. And if we had knowledge “, we read on account, addressing the Internet on a didactic tone, as if the law was speaking in the first person.

A communication style immediately mocked by hundreds of opponents of the text, which replied in the same tone on Twitter.

– Official account up until the adoption of the law –

Hello, I found you a friend, you’ll fine you hear, say hello to Mr. “, launched one. “ Hello Twitter, I’m unemployed, there is much talk of me but little is known about me, and if we did know ‘,” replied another. “ Your com agency has advised you to talk to the French as for kids 8 years’ “, is annoyed @CGTPublicis.

However, Medef has rushed to the aid of the government, by tweeting: “ An innovative initiative: the account to explain this draft law .”

It’s original, it’s to generate some attention “, told AFP the Government Information Service (GIS). “ The objective is to ensure that the government is everywhere where discussions take place and we know that the web is a major place ,” have we added the same source . It “ should absolutely be there and bring our information alongside allegations .”

This feature will be active as long as necessary, until the legislation is passed ,” said the GIS.

The criticisms against the proposed labor law have multiplied on Twitter under the hashtag #OnVautMieuxQueCa, especially with a video posted by militants several youtubeurs as “ Klaire fact Grrr “,” bonjourtristesse “or” Usul . ”

The mobilization also won Facebook with a page calling for the “ general strike ” against the law on March 9, the day the project will be presented in the Council of Ministers before a debate in the national Assembly from April 4. Thursday evening, the page had 23,000 enrolled.

This call is not on the initiative of an organization. It is a citizen activist and call ,” say the authors in their presentation of the page.

Info’Com CGT, CGT branch employees of information and communication, also called on Facebook to take to the streets on March 9th.

These initiatives take speed the unions, who criticized the text but have not yet decided on a possible mobilization.

The text, sent last week to the State Council, provides for the primacy of corporate agreements on working time, the possibility of referendums to validate minority agreements, “ security “the legal redundancy for companies and industrial tribunals allowances capped.


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