Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Unemployment: the ‘good’ surprise January? – The echoes

The curve of unemployment figures released monthly by job center look more and more to a roller coaster. During the first months of the year, they declined. And significantly. Last month France had indeed 27,900 jobseekers registered in category A – that is, people who have not worked a single hour during the month.

This is much lower than forecast in unemployment UNEDIC throughout 2016 … Evidence of improving the employment situation over the last three months, the Hexagon has seen the number of job seekers class a decline by 27,500. To counter his political opponents, often internal as shown tribune signed by Martine Aubry in Le Monde, the executive can therefore wield this figure. Especially as the number of entries in categories A, B and C also declined from 18,300 people in January.

More good news, the number of job seekers aged under 25 is also down, about 8,000 in the first month of 2016. And according to ACOSS, the organization that manages corporate contributions to URSSAF, the number of declarations of hiring more than a month excluding temporary increased 4.9% in January. Three months “hiring declarations rose by 6.3%, increasing to 5.9% change on year” , welcomes ACOSS. Similarly, the outputs of record at Pôle Emploi, because these people have found work, grew 7.4% last month.

Implement the training plan

Admittedly, according to job center, the number of radiation for failure to updating has “ recorded an unusually large increase” but this change does not affect the downward trend in unemployment in January.

However, it appears that it is still too early to conclude that the curve close to the heart Francois Hollande is actually reversed. First because, at the end of January, 3.55 million remained enrolled in French job center in category A. Then, the number of long-term unemployed has remained on an upward trend. In January, unemployed for over a year increased by 8,000. This is far from the triumphalism, Ministry of Labour. In its statement, it noted that “beyond the monthly changes observed in recent months and characterizing a recovery in economic activity, the number of job seekers was stable over the past eight months” .

Labour Minister, Myriam El Khomri, began a marathon these days. First, because he will have to defend his bill to be presented on March 9 next Council of Ministers, which threatens to ignite the left. Because then he will have to implement the training plan of 500,000 unemployed, announced by François Hollande early January.

“These 500,000 additional training will enable job seekers to seize opportunities in the trades today are struggling to recruit and in sectors of the future” , the ministry said in a statement. This is great. Pôle Emploi also unveiled the number of unfilled vacancies. For this organization, nearly 190,000 jobs have not been provided in 2015, 43,000 of which were canceled by recruiters for lack of suitable candidates in particular, according to a survey “Need hand out.” On Monday, the Minister must also meet the leaders of the 13 regions to discuss the training plan.


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