Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Unemployment expected January figures impatiently – The Point

The first unemployment figures of 2016, to be published on Wednesday are expected. This is a crucial year for François Hollande who plays his last card with a labor reform promising to give new flexibility to companies. The indicator of registered employment center he will leave the drop in January? The number of job seekers without work rose by 15,800 people in December, concluding 2015 with a record of 3.59 million unemployed metropolis.

A peak was also reached with overseas and job seekers engaged in a Pool (5.78 million) and long-term unemployment continued to gain ground. Hollande reiterated Friday that without results, it would not be competing in 2017 for a new term.

The premiums for companies with fewer than 250 employees

However, employment center registered in 2015 the lowest increase registered no activity since 2010. and the French economy began to create jobs in the private sector after three negative years. The creations (47,100 estimated jobs) remain well below the natural increase in the labor force, but François Hollande and the government have transformed these positive signals with the plan “emergency” designed in particular to train 500 000 more unemployed.

in order to accelerate hiring when growth recovers, the government also announced a bonus of 2000 euros per year per job (more than 6 months, up to 1.3 times salary minimum) for companies with fewer than 250 employees. Assistance in addition to the billions of exemptions from social security contributions and tax reductions granted to companies by the responsibility pact.

Creating the personal account of activity

longer term, the executive put on the new labor reform that Myriam El Khomri will present on March 9 by the Cabinet. This furthers the flexibility introduced in 2013 to meet the expectations of employers to “lift the fear of hiring.”

In addition to the primacy of corporate agreements on time work, the use of referendums to accept the agreements signed with minority unions and capping prud’homales compensation, the draft clarifies the conditions for redundancy to secure employers. It also creates personal account activity (CPA) to attach a series of social rights (education, hardship) to the person, not the status and establishes a “right to disconnect.”

a “historic setback for the rights of employees”

If the project meets the right and the employers, he was greeted by a left drubbing. Beyond the slingers of the PS, the first party secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis said that “as is”, it would “harm” to vote for it. It is a “copy and paste the claims of MEDEF,” “must start from scratch,” responded the deputy Jean-Marc Germain, near Martine Aubry.

While the review of text to the national Assembly in April promises to be muscular and the government does not exclude recourse to 49.3, Francois Hollande ensures that “french employees will not see any of their rights challenged.” This project gives “to the negotiation instead she never had,” he said. To the unions, the reception was hostile. Even the CFDT, which supported most of the five years of the reforms, found the text “very unbalanced between flexibility and security.”

The head of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, called for “a response “common at what he calls” historic setback for the rights of employees. ” In this tense situation, the unions found Monday employer organizations to renegotiate the unemployment insurance rules, under pressure from the government asking them to “do everything” to promote the “return to work” and reduce the debt plan .


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