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Agricultural Centre. Boos and anger – The Telegram


The head of state spent six hours  yesterday, the Agricultural Show. A ...
The head of state has spent six hours yesterday, the Agricultural Show. An eventful visit, punctuated by whistles, sometimes even breeders insults and exchanges (the cons) rather muscular.

the names of birds have blended yesterday to the passage of François Hollande in Paris agricultural Show. A stand of the Ministry was vandalized and some clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

Just back from his trip to Polynesia and South America, the head of state came to rub a very public reassembled farmers, not calm at all by the recent government announcements, including lower social contributions.

Invectives, whistles and stand vandalized

A small barely an hour after arriving, Francois Hollande has undergone first invectives and whistles. A group of farmers, all dressed in black t-shirts with “I am breeder, I die,” was booed and shouted “Resign! “. The presidential visit continued while the stewards, very impressive, pressed ranks around the president. The stand of the Ministry of Agriculture has also borne the brunt of the anger of grain who dismantled. Some clashes were also held outdoors between demonstrators and security forces. Two farmers were subject to an identity check and were released without charges.

“Anger, I hear”

“Anger, I hear, I understand, “said without interrupting his visit, the President who probably lived there the worst openings of the agricultural fair since the beginning of its mandate. But this is not surprising. The breeding world also saw the worst depressions with a general collapse in prices in most of its components: milk, pork, beef. But to hear these breeders at the show there as a misunderstanding, a non-awareness of the seriousness of their situation. “It does not move, there is nothing concrete. We want to live our profession and not survive, “will prevail Vincent, a student of a school of agriculture, not safe at all to take over the family farm. “The measures announced are zero. It’s nothing. We, what we want is the price, additional euros per tonne of milk. That is the concrete, “insists Benedict, dairy farmer near Quimper, met in the beef lobby.

A pessimism that affects young farmers

new and disturbing sign, pessimism reached the young generation . Maxime, in a farm employee is angry: “The situation is critical and employees are the first to jump.” Camille, who just Oise, says she knows ten farmers, farm neighbors of his parents, who will stop the milk in March to make cereal. Young farmers who are also surprised that their purchase of foreign milk dairies because it is cheaper than the French milk to supply their factories, “Then they slow us galore and for any liter too, they penalize us. ” The atmosphere will be heavy this week at the agricultural show.

In video
The reaction of a Breton breeder Francois Hollande passage


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