Sunday, February 21, 2016

MWC 2016: LG announces the G5, a high polymorphic smartphone range –

It’s no real surprise that LG announces its new high-end smartphone at MWC 2016, the G5. Being more and more rumors in recent weeks, this new installment device radically with older models because aesthetically very round, with a thin metal housing (8.6 mm high) and low weight (159 grams) .

Before talking about features, first examines the characteristics. Compatible 4G and running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), the LG G5 features a touch screen 5.3-inch slightly curved, with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels (554ppi) IPS technology. With “Always On” mode that retains a small portion of the lit screen, time, date and some notifications are displayed on the screen continues. Only 0.8% of the battery would be consumed for a time display by LG.

The smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, supported by 4GB of DDR4 memory. At first, only a internal storage capacity is available Go- -32 but still expandable via microSD up to 2 TB. Connectivity side, there is Wi-Fi n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and, on the edges of the device, a USB Type-C plug. A 3.5mm jack is present on the top of the device.

Finally, the images from the camera sensors are 16-megapixel rear and 8MP front. The first incorporates a wide angle (8 MP) able to make pictures with a viewing angle of 135 °. And if that was not enough, LG has everything.

LG G5 Accessories are her “friends”

Big news from LG G5 , its 2800 mAh battery is removable. She lodges at the base of the smartphone and it is the latter that self to pulling for access. What the change within a few seconds when needed. Better still, the fact that it allows removable insert into accessories, called LG Friends.

The LG G5 may well turn into super camera with LG CAM plus, a dock positioning instead of the bottom of the unit. On this large base are various buttons to start the shutter release, video recording, zoom (digital) and of course, strengthen the grip. It comes with an additional 1200 mAh battery.

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Another accessory, the LG Hi-Fi Plus. It is a DAC module type developed in collaboration with Bang & amp; Olufsen, the audio processor lets you sample the sound in 32-bit 384 KHz. And, better, it is possible to use this DAC with another smartphone or PC by connecting it to one of these via the jack socket module.

The LG G5 should be declined in four colors, Silver, Titan, Gold and Pink. The price of the device has not been given, or the availability date.


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