Monday, February 22, 2016

Facebook and Samsung are heading on virtual reality – Le Point

“I’ve waited all my life that we can offer such an experience. That day has finally arrived. “Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has made a notable appearance on Sunday at the Samsung conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The genius of the tech slipped on stage almost incognito while most local journalists trying a virtual reality helmet made available

“I talked to my 11 years. Of my learning of programming and smeared lines of code on my notebooks by imagining a world where you could carry to different places from reality, “he posted on Facebook after the conference. The new Samsung phones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge, were to be the stars of the show, but the Korean manufacturer has especially emphasized, through its luxury shopping, opportunities for a new video camera for filming 360 degrees, the Gear 360.

“the next step”

A role not really endorsed by chance by the founder of the social network. The host of the evening, Samsung has developed its camera business in partnership with Oculus VR, Facebook has bought out in 2014 for the tidy sum of two billion dollars. The two companies are working together for nearly a year to develop technology they envisage as the future of social networks and mobile. “Everyone will live what he wants, praised Zuckerberg. Soon we’ll be in a world where you will have the power to experience a distant world as if we were there. “

Virtual reality based, indeed, on the fact of filming events for a maximum of views before then paste one by one the captured videos. This is exactly what the Gear 360 proposes making. Equipped with a virtual reality helmet, anyone can then relive a moment as if he was there.

Thanks, Samsung

And why not viewing these videos from a mobile with Facebook? In any case, what sold the CEO of the firm announcing that its social network already welcomed 20,000 videos at 360 degrees and it was only a beginning. “We are just beginning to explore what is possible in terms of video and virtual reality,” he explained at the conference. To push further the technology, Facebook has recently formed a team of engineers to create applications based on virtual reality.

This is only a few years as IT has reached a stage where reality Virtual becomes functional on accessible materials. The CEO of Facebook said that many games using virtual reality would emerge this year. And thanked the Korean company to assist in the democratization of this innovation. In November 2015, Samsung unveiled a virtual reality headset for mobile 99 dollars.


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