Saturday, February 27, 2016

Taxis against VTC: late paid licenses – Le Parisien

Daniel Rosenweg and Vincent VERIER | | Update:

Make cleaning and prepare the transformation of the sector. It is the ambition of the draft plan presented yesterday to the social partners by Laurent Grandguillaume, socialist deputy of the Côte-d’Or (Photo) and mediator in the conflict between professionals of public transport persons: taxi, VTC and Loti (exclusively shared taxis).

A report that gives pride to taxis, assured to remain “a key player”, but who wants to modernize the sector through digital deals , as proposed Uber type platforms.

massive controls. the report recommends first doing housework “by enforcing the law.” This will require a “massive implementation of controls” on the ground to verify in particular that Loti do not carry individual passengers and the VTC platforms to provide well to the authorities the information required by law. Controls also increased the tax, and for everyone: operators, drivers, platforms and intermediaries. In this context, it is proposed to make irremovable and inviolable signage distinguishes taxis passenger cars with driver (VTC) and Loti.

End of paid licenses. at the heart of the dispute between taxi newcomers that are the VTC and Loti, the “licenses”, sold at exorbitant prices, should “gradually disappear” according to Laurent Grandguillaume, which provides an “accompaniment” of troubled and drivers a “guarantee fund for termination of service” powered by “a contribution based on the sector.” That is to say, ultimately, the consumer. This fund should help redeem the license at the time of retirement taxis to replace them free and non-transferable licenses.

An observatory and training. The mediator wants a “national observatory of demand and mobility service” and a “common core curriculum” integrating “a charter of good conduct” with regard to clients.

Few reactions. the VTC applications Federation is given the weekend to analyze the plan. Only Didier Hogrel, president of the National Federation of the taxi, reacted. The plan “is going in the right direction,” he said, citing “the purchase of licenses to their original purchase price” and “the fiscal and social control everyone.”


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