Sunday, February 28, 2016

El Khomri law: Macron reinforcements – Liberation

Emmanuel Macron shows credentials. Sunday, in an interview with JDD , the Economy Minister has chosen to relay the message of reconciliation Late executive on the proposed El Khomri law. “The Prime Minister said he intended to continue the dialogue,” he says. The government is listening and does not consider that everything is intangible. “ This is to confirm that the executive side, the doors are now open to develop a text that threatens to ignite the left, between lifting union shield, fever Socialists and petition against the bill in a few days, brought together more than 700,000 signatories via a mobilization on the Web. It is also providing implicit support to the process launched now.

A rallying for Macron which was not without hesitation. For in his entourage, the warnings were made urgent. For several parliamentarians who are among his relatives, the brutality with which Manuel Valls presented the labor reform – suggesting that the government would not hesitate to have recourse to Article 49.3 in case of rebellion from his evil -augurait majority of ‘to come up. Without a doubt, they said to the minister, the project of El Khomri law would turn into political bedlam. Better to stay away Macron discussions or refuse to defend the text in April before the National Assembly if the Matignon committed there. “If he wants to” go after “Valls has to go alone!” vituperates a Socialist deputy, ulcerated ‘Bonapartism’ the growing head of government.

“You can not bully any”

especially as anxious to resume the reformist leadership that the Minister of Economy fight him in the eyes of opinion, the Prime Minister had held Macron well away from ongoing operations. Even integrate in extremis to the bill, careless or prior teaching, several high potential flammable provisions that were originally included in the draft law on the new economic opportunities (NOE) as prepared Macron finally buried mid- January. This is true of the easing of redundancies as the cap prud’homales compensation for dismissal, two strong claims of MEDEF and AFEP, the powerful lobby of large French companies.

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Now, for Macron, the method is essential if we want to achieve. “We are at a time the five year where we just can not bully because it would take the risk of closing the debate for a long time without having solved the problems, he tells the JDD. this is what happened ten years ago with the CEP [the first employment contract, the Villepin government increased strength in 2006, but that has not been applied because of the large street mobilizations, note] . France has unfortunately accustomed to projects launched on real issues but ill-fitted, end up in the tension and political omerta. “ An implicit criticism of the way to the Prime Minister who resisted the double reading of the Elysée and Matignon … as for the assumption of power by text passage in parliament, Macron prefer to avoid: “I think that’s not the issue when starting a work of conviction. “

Easing the labor code, a necessity

However, the economy minister can stand without betraying. Bill, the Liberal fully shares the spirit and recommendations. Loosen the labor code is for him a necessity if we want to enable young and less qualified to get a job. “Our system is inadequate: it was designed for those working in CDI in a large group, but only 13% of new hires are in CDI, he justifies. The rest is a hyperprécarité [...] To address this situation, our project is that everyone has access to a permanent contract. “ In line with Hollande, he therefore favors in favor of a text, not amputated his controversial provisions but enriched on topics such as personal business account or training for the unemployed. Not sure that’s enough to calm the rumbling.

Nathalie Raulin


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