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Labor Code: Holland deviates a forced passage – Le Parisien

Operation for demining Francois Hollande. The draft law on the reform of the labor market, called El Khomri law (named after the Minister of Labour), has not yet been reviewed by the State Council or the Council of Ministers that, already, it turns pataquès.

at the point that the head of state himself up to the front to prevent the fire from spreads

Guests tonight on France Inter, Hollande has only one idea in mind:. calm the spirits. “It affects neither the 35 hours or the minimum wage, or the employment contract, he said. This reform brings flexibility to companies and security to employees by giving more room for collective bargaining. “The radius flexibility, capping prud’homales allowances or easier economic dismissal rules. The radius safety, staff business account that will allow all assets to preserve their social rights (education, hardship, etc.) during their working life.

Except that yesterday morning, in an interview with “Echoes” Myriam El Khomri has severely restricted the possibilities … negotiation. Especially in case of blocking the parliamentary upon examination of the text next month. Expecting the “intense debate”, she warns: “With the Prime Minister we will take our responsibilities,” she said in response to a question on a point of 49-3 (procedure that allows the government to pass the vote Parliament). In the majority, but also at the Elysee Palace, the pill is hard to pass. “The objective is dialogue and conviction work with parliamentarians”, said yesterday the entourage of the head of state, who “must be given a chance to debate.”

Exhausted by the debate on the forfeiture of nationality, demoralized by the lack of results, the majority does not need to be shaken again. Unnecessary at this stage to draw the weapon from 49-3 to François Hollande who, moreover, does not this structure reform the alpha and omega of the fight against unemployment. “It is a future law, it will have no immediate effect,” he says.

The eyes are turning to Matignon where the interview was read. Last night Myriam El Khomri had the clear support of Manuel Valls which it is considered a close. “We want to convince parliamentarians, but we also want reform,” argues the Prime Minister’s entourage. Clearly, there is no question of facing criticism falter and fall behind in the field of reform. Even angry. “Extremely serious”, “incredible”, “incredible” … already thundering unions, CGT to the very reformist CFDT.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the boss of the PS, says he, that it will be “difficult to vote in the state,” the bill. Like other close members of Holland. Besides slingers who shoot too lashing. “The minister has just presented its text that already they shoot him in the back! “Exasperates Jean-Marie Le Guen, for which 49-3 is not a dirty word. “Especially if the proceedings drag on, as the government proposes a revolution,” says Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament. Between Matignon and the Elysee, so we will have its act together …

The CGT accuses Fnac have influenced El Khomri

is the FNAC behind some of the draft law? The CGT accuses the CEO of Fnac Alexandre Bompard, have influenced the labor minister Myriam El Khomri in writing a few articles to get successful in the conflict against some unions of his business on work Sunday.

in mid-January, the direction of the sign was an agreement with three minority unions to open its stores in tourist areas every Sunday. The next day, the CGT, FO and SUD – majority – retorted by announcing their intention to play their right to object, as the Labour Code provides. An embarrassing twist for Fnac but also for the government, which hoped to close a thorny issue. “Having made our opposition right, Mr. Bompard rushed on 21 January 2016 in the office of Mrs El Khomri to get a measure on law”, accusing the CGT.

in the bill that “Parisien” unveiled, it is indeed question of granting minority unions – provided they represent at least 30% of employees – the possibility of organizing an internal referendum to confirm agreement . And the right to object is deleted. “Bompard was trapped and, coincidentally, the day after we heard about the referendum proposal that we find now in the bill,” Amar Lagha storm, secretary general of the CGT-commerce federation and services.

Fnac confirms maintenance but rejects any attempt to influence. “It was a meeting on the agenda of the minister after taking office, says one side of the direction of the sign. She met Alexandre Bompard as other entrepreneurs. They probably referred to the work on Sunday but in no case has there been discussion around the bill. “

When contacted, the Ministry of Labour did not want to react. Yesterday morning, the CEO of Fnac is certainly welcomed the content of the bill. “There are some very positive things,” he told Europe 1. A micro additional opportunity to bolster his position: “I want this Agreement enters into force. I still believe that the responsibility and collective intelligence will prevail. “Still, the standoff is still far from over.

Catherine Gasté Maussion and Florian


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