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Agricultural Show: Holland insulted, the stand of the Ministry sacked –

  • Francois Hollande arrived at 6:46 at the Agricultural Show at Porte de Versailles in a tense as the crisis breeders lasted several months.
  • Hosted by farmers with insults, the Head of State announced a review of the LME which oversees negotiations between distributors and suppliers.
  • The stand of the Ministry of Agriculture was dismantled by protesters. Survey shows that Stéphane Le Foll is a bad minister for a majority of French.

The farmers welcomed by François Hollande insults this Saturday, February 27, while the head of state had come to inaugurate the Agricultural Show. Shortly after his arrival, Francois Hollande was booed and insulted by farmers desperate and angry as the crisis drags on in the sector.

“If I’m here today is to show that there is a national solidarity” and “we will do everything” to help agriculture because “defending agriculture I defend the nation, “the president said when he arrived at 6:46. “The cries I hear them (….) Anger, I prefer it is expressed on the occasion of this show and outside”, and “it is a strong demand that is expressed “, also said Hollande. “You arrive in a difficult context. A context of deep crisis. It lasts”, and “there is a lot of desperation, a lot of anger,” he told him Beulin Xavier, president of the FNSEA, who accompanied him, surrounded by members of the union flag in hand

the stand of the Ministry dismantled

But the calm did not last. one hour after the start of his visit, breeders, dressed in some black t-shirts, booed the president chanting “Resignation”. “It’s a state of emergency for breeding!” Joked one of them. “Bum”, “we are not migrants”, “asshole”, “manure” and other insults have blended while President progressed amid a hostile hedge breeders. “This completely fucks us,” proclaimed another. “It’s been a year that carries out actions in France, nobody listens to us,” added a third.

Clashes also broke out. Demonstrators completely dismantled the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture. CRS intervened to control the demonstrators and put them away. After this action, dozens of the demonstrators continued to show their displeasure with loud whistles for several minutes.

Following this action, two farmers were subject to an identity check and will be released without prosecution, said the prefect of police in Paris, Michel Cadot.

a review of LME

the president, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll, did not interrupt his visit so far. He reiterated the government’s measures to help farmers in difficulty and asked again to distribution groups with annual price negotiations with suppliers are completed in two days, “to make an effort of solidarity”.

François Hollande even went further and announced a revision of the law on modernizing the economy (LME), which deregulated the negotiations between suppliers and distributors for fixing agricultural prices. “There is pressure to be exerted here in France on retail”, accused of contributing to bring down the prices paid to farmers. “A law was passed in the last few years,” he recalled, referring to the LME passed in 2008 under the five year term of Nicolas Sarkozy, adding, “It must be reviewed”

. “it is not possible in a few days if there is no agreement between the major distributors, and breeders in particular, and dairy producer, (…) to keep this law. it will be changed. I do not mean that it is the farmers who are the victims of organizations that are pushing for prices are still the lowest, “the president said.

Le Foll overwhelmed by polls

with the widespread collapse of agricultural prices which particularly affects farmers, more than 40,000 farms are of extreme emergency, Stéphane Le Foll. More than 60,000 (of 490,000) have called for help while a pig farmer in Brittany, loses up to 6,000 euros per week.

Stéphane Le Foll, overwhelmed by negative polls ( 73% of French believe it has a negative balance sheet, according to OpinionWay Le Figaro , and 53% say it is “rather a bad minister” according to Odoxa Le Parisien and France Info ), and Prime Minister Manuel Valls spared no effort in recent days to calm the situation with the approach of this annual event.

even Commissioner, Irishman Phil Hogan, came Thursday to the rescue, to ensure the french farmers in his determination to find solutions.

“We go even if the heart n ‘there is no “

Despite the prevailing despair, professionals have not boycotted the show, trade fair excellence of French terroirs and a model that asks its future. “We go even if the heart is not there. This is often the only week of vacation farmers, but they are on edge,” says Florent Dornier, General Secretary of Young Farmers (JA). “This is perhaps one of the most complicated rooms for 20 or 30 years.”

“The policies, they will have to be very careful in what they say. There a risk of chilling, “he warned

in addition, the security situation and the state of emergency have reduced the festivities. Additionally reinforced checks at entrances, night and evening professionals on Thursday, have been canceled.

However, as we approach the 2017 election count-down and for primary right, more than ever the appointment Fair will also be the policy – especially of the opposition -. that will tread in tight rows aisles among the nearly 700,000 visitors expected until March 6

Between competitive bulls and cattle competition, is slip and Manuel Valls Monday morning and opposition Marine Le Pen (Tuesday), Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon (Wednesday), Alain Juppé (Thursday) and Bruno Le Maire, former agriculture minister who planned a triple timed -. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

in all, the FNSEA sent questionnaires to 13 points on agricultural issues. “Those who have not responded better not will stop at our booth” warns Xavier Beulin. “The cows ass, the little glass that goes well and the smile on photo … today it is on something else,” he warned bluntly.

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