Monday, February 22, 2016

Boris Johnson: “overestimated” asset or “figurehead” of the “Brexit” – Le Monde

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, on 21  February.

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Less than 48 hours after the Prime Minister reached an agreement in Brussels on reforms he demanded to enter the campaign for the retention, the head of the capital has moved the debate on the “Brexit” on a crisis leadership. Which did not fail to react the press in the UK.

In his editorial The Guardian protests against the “careerist political calculations” and denounces the scope given to a “psychodrama partisan” . In his eyes, large sections of the right and anti-European media reduce the issue of “brexit” to a leadership crisis: “Most [of them] have not even read the terms of the agreement reached in Brussels. “

The vote of June 23 will impact on domestic policy, recognizes the newspaper. It can even lead to a split of the Tories. And however argued that the weight of the support Boris Johnson is generally “overestimated” . But the challenge is not there.

“Do not confuse the government with the memorable dramas choice we face” , urged the newspaper to its readers.

“the future of the UK in Europe goes far beyond the internal machinations of the Conservative Party. “

  • Cameron should lead battle

The Telegraph , with the support of Boris Johnson the opposing camp, led by Michael Grove, David Cameron must now actually enter the arena. Especially since, the paper recalls, it was once one of the most vocal critics of the European Union. It is necessary now that show some zeal to defend what he loathed it some years ago

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The prime minister therefore can not be content with the timorous attitude he adopted in the referendum in Scotland, where it was “lucky” , in the Telegraph .

“As the old hero, Margaret Thatcher, [Mr. Cameron] often lucky. The problem with being blessed by luck, is that it invites complacency. Baroness Thatcher ended up believing invincible … “

And the newspaper to continue the current head of government ” may have reason to believe that the British are not instinctive revolutionary “ and – as was the case in Scotland. – caution about the unknown prevail, ” but it would be foolish to bet on this “

David Cameron is facing “the steep side of a mountain traitor, not a walkover in a hill.”

“It is vital for us all he gets to the top rather than the team of Mr Gove, but hopefully he realizes that he has to fight for victory, not taken for granted. “

In a very different vein, The Daily Mail welcomes the position taken by Boris Johnson. “Finally, we have the voice to defend England” , and is glad daily. According to him, the Mayor of London “offer to the output side of this figure popular bow which sorely lacked” . And estimate that the Conservatives now have a new favorite in the race to succeed David Cameron.

The log does not mince words about the agreement reached by the current Prime Minister with European leaders:

“Do not mistake about it, failure is the only word to describe the” pathetic Treaty “brought back from Brussels – an empty hat, without suspicion a rabbit inside. “

The occupant of 10 Downing Street said on June 23, voters would have to choose between staying in a Union” reformed “or take a leap into the unknown, reminds The Daily Mail . It “wrong in both cases,” , he said.

“No, after the farce of last week, the choice will be between leaving or stay in an unreformed EU – also static, ossified, bureaucratic and undemocratic as ever. For the four months remaining in this vital debate, is it too much to hope that both sides will give up half-truths and large outrageous lies – and treat voters like adults? “


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