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labor code reform: Ministers opposed the use of 49-3 – The World

The reform of the Labour Code will be  presented on March 9 to the Cabinet.

Jean-Marc Ayrault, Marisol Touraine, and Segolene Royal, invited each of the different media Sunday 21 February, have one vote swept the prospect of a passage in force on the reform of the labor code. A unanimous among the three ministers that resembles a message that would like to spend part of the government after the ambiguous statements of Myriam El Khomri, Minister of Labour, on the reform it carries.

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Asked Wednesday by Les Echos , she said the government would assume “its responsibilities” in case it does not happen to mobilize its majority in the national Assembly on the text, a warning interpreted as a threat to resort to the procedure of 49.3 – which allows the government to adopt a text without a vote, at the risk of being against a confidence motion.


scenario ” regrettable “ by environment Minister Segolene Royal. ” we can not reform a country property with voltages (…) we reform a country with determination, imagination reform a country (…) shaking the taboos (…), the lobbies of any kind (…) conservatism “, she asserted, questioned the” Great Rendezvous “Europe 1- Le Monde -iTélé. However, the minister did not rule out that the purpose of his colleague was misinterpreted. “Pay attention to all shortcuts, all the cartoons. Never in his interview the Minister of Labour says it will use the 49.3. She says we take our responsibilities “ says Ségolène Royal. “So I think this controversy has got to stop now. “

French Labour minister Myriam El Khomri  speaks During a session of Questions to the  Government at the French National Assembly in  Paris on February 17, 2016. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS  SAMSON<br /> “Title =” THOMAS SAMSON /  AFP “onload =” lmd.pic (this);  “onerror =” lmd.pic (this);  “class =” lazy-retina “/>  <figcaption class =

Asked about the same topic on RTL, Marisol Touraine, Minister of Health, it also ruled out the scenario of forced passage. “This El Khomri law must muster a majority, the parliamentary debate must play its role” , she said, wishing “convince” with the text already controversy. the minister called “sensitive that said Laurent Berger who think another balance can be built” during the parliamentary process. the leader of the CFDT Friday criticized a project “balance between flexibility and security ‘.

the left headwind

the government is Indeed already alienated part of its majority with the project presented in the week. in an interview with Sunday newspaper , Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, first secretary of the Socialist party evokes a text to “rewrite” and “rebalance”. In a statement issued Saturday, Europe Ecology-The Greens indignant against a reform that “contains numerous violations of the rights of employees, reverses the hierarchy of norms and thus establishes a code, not simplified, but dangerously liberalized” .

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All of these oppositions that must, according to Jean-Marc Ayrault, Foreign Ministers guest 12/13 France 3, encourage preferred “dialogue (…) with social and business organizations but also with the Parliament and the majority parley to ensure that the text is a balanced text released” . “The goal of a reform that works is an agreement that is the best; I am confident that this will be the method to be followed and I hope “, he added, recalling that the current text was not final and that would cohosh March 9 day when it will be presented to the Cabinet

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