Sunday, February 21, 2016

/ On the Web, more than 120 000 signatures against the law El Khomri – The Progress

divided political class, outraged unions, employers angels … The draft reform of the Labour Code, carried by the Minister Myriam El Khomri, leaves no one indifferent. On the web, users are mobilizing against the text. Caroline De Haas, feminist activist, has launched a petition and a website: “Labor Law lol”.

Posted Friday, the petition had collected 122,000 votes Saturday night. On Twitter, the hashtag #LoiTravailNonMerci is also commented

Caroline De Haas, also co-initiator of the primary left says. “I found in the press earlier this week ahead -project law. Like many people, I was totally amazed at the similarities between the claims of the Medef and text. Each project page bill surprises in store for us. “

” Make the Minister rewrite its copy “

of what shocks the most: non-guaranteed by the law of the leave in case of death of a relative. “What kind of weird brain measurement can emerge?”

Other provisions it considers shocking: the capping of compensation for unlawful dismissal, the possibility of splitting the 11-hour mandatory rest per 24h, the fact that the company can, by agreement, lower pay and change the working time.

His ambition? Force the government to rewrite the bill.

“Our goal is twofold. First, it is to inform, to enable citizens to take over public life and take control of the politics. for this labor reform concerns us all. it will affect all our lives. and the second goal is to send a message to the government to ensure that the Minister rewrite its copy. “

the link to the petition .


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