Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vivendi increases its stake in Telecom Italia and would buy a subsidiary of Mediaset – Univers Freebox

Vincent Bolloré is definitely on all fronts since the beginning of the year. The largest shareholder of Telecom Italia now holds 22.8% of its capital, against 21.39% in January, said the Italian operator and the French group. Vivendi acquired 190.2 million shares between 16 and 19 February. A decision not very surprising when you know that Vincent Bolloré has done everything to stay in the capital of the Italian operator and the French had presented himself as an “industrial and non-financial investor” and an actor “engaged over the long term. “

According to AFP, based on log information Corriere della Sera, Vivendi would also filed an offer for the acquisition of subsidiary Mediaset Premium pay-TV in Italian Mediaset television group owned by Silvio Berlusconi. The group Bollore would have put 900 million euros on the table to be disposed of rights in the Champions League, which owns Mediaset Premium. The information has not been confirmed by Vivendi or by Mediaset.


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