Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Offensive Valls on labor reform: unions meet – Liberation

RTL Guest Tuesday, Manuel Valls blasted the criticism of the reform brought by the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri “ Everyone denies unemployment, everyone refuses insecurity, everyone refuses, but when it is proposed, then in that moment we get up to say. “do not do it” We live with mass unemployment for thirty years, we now have over 3.5 million unemployed, so it is to them that I want to turn me “And to hammer.” i want to convince the French and i want to convince of course, with Myriam El Khomri, a majority of MPs to pass this legislation.

convinced of the relevance of the government proposal, the Prime Minister calls “ to a serene, intelligent debate, which allows to overcome the divisions between the social partners, but also between political parties of the country .”

the two major objectives Manuel Valls, “ reducing unemployment ” and “ give more strength and competitiveness of our country ‘obviously resonate with the opposition and trade unions. But the solutions proposed by the executive divide.

Right, the appeals reform project seems he former Labour Minister Xavier Bertrand (from 4’45 ” on video ). “ Frankly, it’s going in the right direction “, welcomed the President of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy region that, the microphone of France Inter, also expressed some concerns: “ I hope that the text will be voted in the state, because I’m afraid – as so often – it is now subject to sugarcoat, discussion, gossip that will make it text on arrival will be less ambitious than it is today.

A view shared by Roselyne Bachelot (” of course, I think this reform must be made “) who, convinced that the measure would be” have been made at the beginning of term ‘, nevertheless denounced a bad strategic move of the Elysee, calling ironically François . Holland “ holy man

Manuel Valls has hammered face Olivier Mazerolle “ progressivism is to ensure that companies are walking, hiring. I trust the entrepreneurs and employees, and this law is a message of confidence to entrepreneurs of this country, but also for employees.

A message well received by Pierre Gattaz, the boss of bosses, “ a boss who does not trust, a foreign investor who has no confidence in the country, it does not hire in France, it does not invest in France. El Khomri this law, it goes in the right direction, it is indeed likely to recreate jobs. It is especially important, it is not distorted. “For the president of MEDEF,” El Khomri this law is undoubtedly an opportunity to create this shock on labor and employment to revitalize . “

(from 4’20 ” on the video)

the opposite of employees through trade unions, derive from their side alarm

Already united in support of the petition online. “Work Act: no, thank you”, they provide for the adoption of a common line against the text. Through the voice of the secretary general of Force Ouvrière, Jean-Claude Mailly, asked France 2, they denounce a text that is “ not amendable .”

This is a bill that secures organizations, employers, and employees weakens. [...] This is a project of liberal legislation. “Calling the proposal” form of dezincification labor code “Jean-Claude Mailly believes it” deserve a strong reaction of employees [...], it is not enough to make a manifestation . ” He concluded: “ There are a whole series of points that are not acceptable, there are wolves in each section almost .”

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