Friday, February 19, 2016

Night trains endangered – Les Echos

This time the step was taken. The government turns its back on night trains. Only two lines of the eight existing, will stay in the lap of the SNCF, said Friday the Secretary of State for Transport. These are Paris-Briançon and Paris-Rodez / Latour de Carol, why it does not exist, according to Alain Vidal, “offer a sufficient alternative for the territories concerned” . Regarding the other night lines, the government decided to “no longer finance the operation” . But it allows “to all rail operators” to provide “for their own account of new innovative operating patterns” .

clearly, these lines will be open to competition, which could in theory allow their survival … unless they had multiple disabilities. For night trains are a real money pit. They alone account for 25% of deficits Intercity (trains ensuring national off TGV connections) as they carry only 3% of travelers. “Every ticket sold on average requires over 100 euros of public subsidy” , said the Secretary of State for Transport. Their attendance has also fallen by 25% since 2011.

Decisions expected on July 1

And don ‘ is not everything. On the night lines, rolling stock is out of breath and “ investment to realize [the] not renew would have a competitive transport prices” estimated in May the report of the commission chaired by the deputy PS Philippe Duron, responsible for floor on the future of “equilibrium trains the territory”.

Finally , night trains suffer work programs, often carried out by night to minimizes disruption to users and that challenge their furrows – slots of movement – and their regularity. What discourage potential candidates for exploitation. Alain Vidal, who said on Friday that a “call for proposals would be launched soon” , promised decisions on 1 July. Until then, he said, “the exploitation of all the night lines continues in the current conditions”



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