Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cameron will try to convince the British to avoid Brexit in June – L’Express

On Sunday morning, Cameron participates in the BBC show, The Andrew Marr Show, in the presence of the leader of Ukip eurosceptic Nigel Farage, who has not failed to qualify the Brussels agreement of “ pathetic .”

Following the agreement torn from its European counterparts, the British leader reiterated that the UK will be “ stronger, safer and more prosperous in a European Union reformed “, in a brief address to the 10 Downing Street at the end of a Council of Ministers of two hours.

We are close to one of the most important decisions of our lives ,” warned Mr Cameron, who plays out his place in history.

Calling for keeping his country in the EU, he stressed that “ offers us the best of both worlds “, considering that the leave would be “ a plunge into uncertainty “and threaten the economy and security of the UK.

The game looks delicate, polls regularly giving a very tight result.

If the agreement he negotiated in Brussels was met with skepticism by the conservative press, Cameron received support weight of his interior minister Theresa May notorious eurosceptic , which is stored in the campaign for the yes.

The EU is far from perfect and that agreement must be part of an ongoing process of change and reform (…) but for reasons of security, protection against crime and terrorism, trade with Europe and access to global markets, the national interest is to remain an EU member , “said Ms. May said in a statement.

– “ A Golden Opportunity ” –

In the wake of the cabinet meeting, six ministers announced their intention to campaign for release EU, including those of Justice, Michael Gove and Labour Iain Duncan Smith declared Eurosceptic members of the powerful current within the Tory party.

And an unknown remains: Boris Johnson, the truculent and popular London Mayor candidate to succeed David Cameron, has still not announced its position.

As for Eurosceptics believe, as the leader of the anti-European and anti-immigration party Ukip, Nigel Farage, the mass is already known. “ 23 June: a golden opportunity Let us fight to regain control of our country .”! He tweeted after the announcement of Mr Cameron.

We should be wary of those who claim that leave Europe automatically leads to the land of Cockaigne ,” warned David Cameron Friday evening. “ We need to step back and carefully consider what is best for Britain, and the best for our future .”

June 23, no one will talk about the specifics of the agreement ” warns Anand Menon, professor of European politics at King’s College London. Discussions will focus on “ Immigration and the question will be + do we control our borders or not ‘+ .”

The agreement, adopted after a day of intense negotiations Friday “ reinforces the special status of Great Britain in the European Union ,” the Chairman of the Board European, Donald Tusk.

But it without “ Notwithstanding the rules ” European, stressed Francois Hollande. “ There are no planned revision of the Treaties and veto the United Kingdom on the euro area, which for France was very important ,” added the French president.

This is a fair compromise, which has not been easy for us on every issue ,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in finding that Mr partners Cameron had “ not made too many concessions .”

In a Sunday interview with the press, the head of French diplomacy Jean-Marc Ayrault believes “ everyone must accept a differentiated Europe “, about the claims granted to the Kingdom -United.

The British Prime Minister was especially flattered to have got new restrictions on access to social aid system for intra-European migrants, a topic that particularly irritated European countries Central and East, including many nationals living in the UK.


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