Monday, February 22, 2016

Labor law: Manuel Valls responds to criticism on Facebook – The Point

Prime Minister has again responded to criticism Monday night against the draft labor law by stating that “no change is to condemn us,” in an article published on his Facebook account. “We absolutely must get out of the rigidities that discourage, blockages that prevent and resulted in limited competitiveness,” the Prime Minister by saying that mass unemployment “undermines our country for 40 years.” “Over time, much has been tried. Our duty is to go further, to overcome conservatism, breaking the logic of half measures and seek new and bold solutions”, he continues.

‘Our economy is too rigid “

Observing that when the global recovery is there, the France creates” a lot less work than other countries ” particularly Germany and Britain, he says this is because “our economy is far too rigid.” “In a global competition, companies strive to unequal terms and undergo business outlook increasingly uncertain,” he added. “A fundamental point must, of course, never be forgotten: the employment relationship is not balanced,” which “justifies the existence of a right of protective work,” said Manuel Valls. “But I refuse these visions that consider touch a word of the labor code back to organize the social regression + +, to question the fundamental rights of employees, and should especially not to change anything,” he says the opponents of the text on the left and in the unions.

with this bill, he argues, labor organization rules will not be fixed “from Paris,” but “the contrary by those best able to know the realities of the business, the constraints of their markets, their customers’ expectations. ” Similarly, “we must address concerns of reluctant companies to hire” and “to make the predictable consequences of a breach of contract – for both the company and the employee – let’s frame the benefits prud’homales “he says. “Action for employment, but also have assets better trained, more skilled, more mobile in their careers. So the workers whose rights are respected,” yet says the Prime Minister.


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