Monday, February 22, 2016

Cameron before the British Parliament to defend his pro-EU agreement – L’Express

This is a first weakened British minister who will defend Monday before parliament’s pro-EU agreement. Challenge the defection of the charismatic mayor of London, Boris Johnson, claiming his estate, which has sided openly in the camp Brexit (British Exit) to the referendum held on June 23 A consultation of the British in very uncertain outcome, on a subject that causes often very emotional reactions in the UK.

“erosion of democracy”

In an article published Monday in the Daily Telegraph , the Mayor of London has guard against the risk of “erosion of democracy”, arguing that the EU engendered a disengagement of voters and the Brexit was “a unique opportunity in a lifetime” to get a “real change” in relations vis countries -a-vis its European neighbors.

“There is only one way to get the change we need and that is by voting for an outlet; because all the EU’s history shows that they really listen to a population that when she said no, “he argued.

Boris Johnson joined the camp of pro-conservative Brexit five ministers-including the holder of the Justice portfolio, Michael Gove, a personal friend of Cameron-a Secretary of State and candidate for mayor London, Zac Goldsmith.

The coup de grace?

“Boris wants to give the coup de grace,” the Daily Mail over a full page Monday, citing “a war little civic “within the ruling party that has a long history in the field, having been crossed by a strong Eurosceptic current.

For the Independent, the Mayor of London has primarily positioned to succeed David Cameron as head of the conservative party where 150 deputies, the newspaper said, could challenge the prime minister supporting an output the EU countries. The entire British press estimates that nearly a third the number of Conservative MPs can be positioned for the Brexit.

Four months to convince

Matthew Goodwin, of the University of Kent, “the impact of Boris (Johnson) is greatly exaggerated.” “It can probably tipping some undecided, but is overwhelmed by the number of politicians in favor of maintaining the EU.” David Cameron is however managed to avoid the defection of his interior minister Theresa May Eurosceptic displayed, and limit defections from his government.

It has now four months to convince his compatriots of the merits of the agreement it has negotiated in Brussels to strengthen the “special status” of the UK in the EU. According to the first survey conducted since the agreement for the Mail on Sunday, 48% of British respondents do not want to leave the EU, 33% are pro-Brexit and 19% are still undecided. Much better results for the pro-EU camp than previous polls had even seen Brexit supporters outnumbered the pro-EU.

“Illusion of sovereignty”

A Brexit also cause the organization of a referendum on independence for Scotland, as Sunday reminded the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

David Cameron began to outline his argument for keeping the EU at a highly regarded political BBC Sunday.

Leaving the EU, the UK will have only “illusion of sovereignty” has highlighted the leader, warning against the “years of uncertainty” that would follow a Brexit with “at the end of this process, no guarantee that our companies will have full market access” European.


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