Friday, February 19, 2016

“Too perceived” at the employment center: El Khomri law will specify the new rules – L’Express

In addition to layoffs, the right to disconnect or compensation to the industrial tribunal, the El Khomri law address the issue of “overpaid” at the employment center. The future reform of labor law will extend the powers of the body to recover wrongly paid unemployment benefits and introduce a penalty for jobseekers not declaring their activity periods.

According to Article 52 of the bill, the employment center will recover, on behalf of UNEDIC, paid unduly to beneficiaries, by making deductions from their allocations, within the limits of the graspable hand. The aim is to “ensure the continuity and effectiveness of recovery procedures by these unfair employment center,” according to the explanatory text patterns.

The government has taken the hand

Also, if a job applicant does not declare a period of employment center for business, it will “ignored for opening or reloading rights allocation” UI. The job seeker may, however, “make an application to the regional Joint Body of employment center.”

The Council of State overturned in October the terms of the unemployment insurance convention on recovery by the employment center of the amounts paid incorrectly and reporting obligations of jobseekers. The Supreme Court considered that those rules were not the responsibility of social partners, but of the legislature. The government has taken the hand “at the request of the social partners unemployment insurance managers”.


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