Sunday, February 28, 2016

Air Cocaine why Christophe Naudin will be extradited to the Dominican Republic – Obs

Five months after the exfiltration of pilot Fauret Pascal and Bruno Odos, sentenced to 20 years in prison in Santo Domingo for drug trafficking, Egypt announced yesterday the extradition to the Dominican Republic Christopher Naudin.

This criminologist and specialist in aviation security had been arrested on February 4 in Cairo because of an arrest warrant issued by the Dominican Republic. He is accused of having helped organize the exfiltration pilot in late October.

Former military converted in business aviation, the two were arrested in March 2013 by the Dominican authorities to commands a rental plane: in suitcases, 680 kilos of cocaine . In August 2015, they were sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking, but have always protested their innocence.

A exfiltration by sea

Two months after conviction on 28 October 2015, while on parole with ban on leaving the territory in pending the examination of their appeal, the two drivers fled the Dominican Republic by boat and joined the Franco-Dutch Caribbean island of St. Martin.

They were then flying in the Martinique . then had won, always by air, the city

RTL, Christophe Naudin explained then:

C ‘was a rescue of two persons sentenced to death had they remained on site.

according to the criminologist,” a dozen “people had participated in the operation, including of former sailors and soldiers.

International arrest warrants

in early November 2015, the two drivers were placed custody by a French court, which investigates this vast international drug trafficking. They are covered by an international arrest warrant issued by the Dominican Republic, but France rules out extradition.

At the end of November, an arrest warrant was also issued by justice Dominican against three French involved in the exfiltration:

on February 11, 2016, the sentencing of two pilots to 20 years in prison was upheld on appeal by the Dominican justice “C ‘is a big hoax from the start with a country that is locked up in a scandalous denial of justice “while denouncing Fauret Sabine, wife of one of them.

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